The Hidden Library: The Forgotten Door (chapter 1)

I stick my arm through the bars of the door; I feel around in the dark behind it but it feels empty. Not like there wasn’t a wall more like it was fake. It was as if the darkness wasn’t really there.
I look down to my hand to see ripples in the darkness where my hand was. “What is this!” I feel hands around my midsection and someone rips me away essentially pulling me back into reality. I feel the eyes of the few people staring at me in this small library. I look around meeting eyes with a few of the people around me.

What has happened to me? Only a few weeks ago, I had no thoughts about this door, but after a few weeks, it became all I thought about. A few weeks ago I did my school, I talked with my friends, and most importantly I rarely went to this cursed school library with its stupid illogical door. The shadows behind the door had made no sense and they still don’t. It seemed like no one would give me the answers, so I had decided to come and get those answers myself. although, this answers nothing.

I push my hair behind my shoulder. I look behind me to see that one of the librarians had pulled me away. “Jordan, please refrain from shouting in the library.” The librarians know my name? The librarian set me down and looks down, through her glasses, at me. I stare back into her glaring stare. “What’s with that door?” The librarian sighs and looks back at the door. I follow her gaze to the door. I am staring at it as hard as possible, but nothing changes; the mysteries are all still there. The librarian lets out another sigh.
“He needs some help and I suppose you won’t stop causing a raucous about this until you get answers.” I turn back to her in time to watch her walk towards the counter and pull out a set of glasses. I look back to the bookshelves to see everyone going back about their business as if nothing had happened. They went back to normal fast. I turn back to the librarian to see her back at my side. I step back, honestly, it was a bit startling.
She holds the glasses out to me. The glasses are your standard black thick square glasses. They hold very little pizzazz. I reach out to touch the glasses, but she pulls them back. “You can have these if you stop blabbering about the door and if you stop shouting in my library. understand?” What do these glasses even do? I search her face which only confirms my fear. This won’t be something I can take back. I take in a deep breath and nod. She holds the glasses back out to me.

I take the glasses and slip them on without hesitation. If I hesitated I would have never put them on. My head points down at the floor with my eyes shut tight. Nothing feels like it has changed; I take another breath before opening my eyes. Still, nothing has changed; I lift my head to stare into the…. the shadows their gone. I stare into what should be shadows, but they have been replaced by dimly lit stairs that lead down into the unknown.


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