The Hidden Library: The Books (chapter 3)

He scrunches up his nose and glares down at me. “Excuse you.” I push myself up. “You heard me.” He huffs; we keep eye contact. His emerald green eyes meet my dark brown eyes. He breaks eye contact; he starts pulling stuff off the table. “Who are you?” He looks back up at me. “Be quiet or leave.” The statement sparks my chest to bristle with anger. I clench my jaw. “Fine.” I look to one of the many shelves.  I may stay quiet but it won’t stop me from exploring. Wandering over to the shelves, I pull out one off the millions of books.  I run my fingers over its untitled cover.  My fingers start to tingle with a feeling that can only be described as enchanting.  Looking back to the boy, he’s still messing with the things strewn across the table.  The first page becomes visible, golden light sprays into the room filling me with magical excitement. I take in a sharp breath. “Hey!” The light vanishes as someone jerks the book out of my hands. Turning, I see the boy holding the book tight with a pile of clutter behind him. “What’s the problem now?” He stares at me a look of annoyance on his face. “What’s the problem? What’s the problem! The problem is your trying to get yourself killed!” “Get myself killed, how?” “You open these books and they will suck you right into their story.” Suck me inside…. their story? “Who…. who are you?”  He shakes his head and slides the book back into place. “It doesn’t matter. You should leave.” Can’t he give me an answer once? Looking back to the shelf, I pull out another book; he snatches it away. “Give me your name.” He shoves the book back into place, but I grab another one. He glares at me for a moment before sighing and snatching the book back. “If I tell you my name will you leave?” I nod; I’ll leave for today and return tomorrow.  He slams the book back into place. “Alexander Taylor,” he pauses. “The Book Keeper.” Strange name. “Leave.” He demands. fine, I stick my hands in my pockets and rub the key before turning on my heels and leaving. Now, which way is the door? All these shelves look the same? Ah-ha! There it is. Reaching out for the door, I push it open.  I stare into the black abyss and it…. it… it stares back. The icy feel of the shadows rushes over me like someone watching me from behind. It feels like someone else is there. I twitch my fingers to make sure they still work as my breathing speeds to hyperventilation level. I can’t stop. I can’t slow down my breathing. I can’t move my legs. I cant… can’t… what is this? The feeling of butterflies made of ice flying around in my insides rushes over me and then it vanishes.


(Thank you for reading until the end! Any feedback or questions? Leave them in the comments  or go to my contact page)


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