The Hidden Library: Turning Point (chapter four)

One deep breath after another that’s all I have to do. One deep breath after another. What was that? Turning to see nothing but the endless shelves; my stomach sinks. One step after another; the pace quickens. I race past the bookshelves. Curses float around my head as I make sharp turns. Two to the left three to the right. There’s the cluttered table; I come crashing into the room.
     Where did he go? I look around the room but he’s gone. “Alex!” My voice echoes in the library. The feeling of abandonment creeps up on me. One deep breath after another.  One deep breath after another. My eyes creep to the ground. Looking to the bookshelf I saw him at last, I see a book laying on the floor. I tumble over to the bookshelf and reaching down I scrape my fingers against the book.
     A feeling of hopelessness shoots up my fingertips and into the deepest parts of my heart. the icy butterflies take flight again in my stomach. Pulling away, the feelings vanish yet the book is continuing to call to me. Its calling for help. My spine tingles with a sense as if I’m lost I could almost hear it’s calls. One breath after another; grabbing the book, I fling the book open. Golden light flies from the book destroying the icy butterflies in my stomach. Can’t believe I’m doing this, the golden tendrils reach out for me wrapping around my hands and fingertips. The feeling of the magic almost covers the feeling of someone trying to pull my fingers off. My fingers are gone? My fingers are gone! The pulling at my hands disappears then my arms. One deep breath after another; one deep breath a-.


“What are you doing here!” What? Where is here? Ugh, my body feels like static; my eyelids are too heavy to open. The floor feels cold and hard below me unlike the warm and soft carpet of the library. My eyelids are starting to lighten up! I let my eyes flutter open and…. and… where am I? The walls of shelves and books are now replaced with gray stones and torches lining it. The hall disappears into the darkness. A face comes into view. The annoyed face of Alexander.
(Thank you for reading until the end! do you have a question or a couple of suggestions? Leave them in the comments or go to my contact page. All feedback is appreciated. Next week I have something planned for Halloween and Friday!)

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