The Hidden Library: The Cold Halls (chapter 5)

I bolt straight up sucking in a deep breath. Where am I? The lights waver….. are those torches? Torches line the gray walls of the hallway. The cold floor sends chills up my finger and up my spine. Where’d Alex go? Looking to my side, I see Alex rubbing his temples. At least I’m not alone in this place. “You moron.” He let’s out a groan. Scratch that; alone was fine. “You were supposed to leave.” I push myself up to my feet. “Plans change especially when people go and vanish after weird feelings.” He stares At me with his mouth open. “You felt it?” Nodding, I look around the room. “What exactly is it?” Alex sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “That’s the question that has been bugging Book Keepers for centuries.” I scrunch up my nose. “Fine, do you even know what it does?” He looks down the hall letting silence fill the room. “It feeds on despair so it goes and destroys stories happy endings and gives them sad ones,” he says. “Usually everyone dies or the evil in the world is never conquered.” I twirl my hair letting the silence seep back into the room. “But,” I pause. “But this is only one book? It doesn’t even have a title?” Alex rolls his eyes. “If a book in library changes then the endings for all corresponding copies change,” He says as he looks around. ” The library holds all books that have been even thought of usually it will go after books that have been published but they don’t have names so it can’t tell which ones are which.” The school library is weirder then I could have ever imagined. The flames flicker. “Okay, one last question. Which book are we in?” We meet eyes. “I don’t know.


(Thank for reading to the end! I’m sorry for the short update but NaNo has me working every second. Next week I might do something about the book I’m writing or I will continue this leave your suggestion in the comment!)


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