The Human (Part 1)

My raven hair drapes down from my curved horns. My heels click against the smooth sidewalk. I rummage around in my large jacket pockets. My fingers make their way past the mixture of junk in my pockets to find a sharp cold card. Pulling out the card, flipping it around I see the address. The silver card had it engraved in it’s back.

Looking up, my eyes pass by the houses that twisted every which way and their bright colors, to land on a dark blue house made of some human substance. Air fills my chest as I fidget with the sleeves of my jacket. That’s where the human lives. For years rumors of humans floated around the station. How many of them are true? I step onto the street looking both ways for cars. My fingers brush against the rough walls next to the stairs leading to the door. Small trinkets dangle from the porch’s roof. Some of the trinkets ding as they bump into each other.

Pressing the button to the side of the door, bells ring inside of the house along with a vicious creature freaking out inside. Claws scrape against the door. The bell quiets down letting me hear the sound of soft footsteps. My heart pounds at my spine. The cold air brushes against my scales as the door opens. A large creature bumbles out of the door its tail swaying from side to side. the creature jumps up ramming its claws against my legs. It’s blue eyes pierce into my soul as I stumble backward. “Jax stop!” A voice filled with a human accent shouts as pale hands reach for the creature. Looking up, I watch the human push the creature behind him. The human looks up at me as he struggles with the creature. “Sorry.”

Its light brown hair is pushed to the side. It slams the door and the scratching starts at the door again. I finally am getting a better look at it now that it’s stopped scrambling. From the limited times, I’ve seen pictures of humans leads me to believe this one is male. His round ears hold back the waves of hair. His shorts make me shiver. How can he wear those when it’s so cold out? I find most weather around here cold but today has been especially cold. Around his neck was a bow. I thought those went on humans head? “Is there something you want?” My eyes dart back to his eyes. “I came to inquire if you would be interested in a…. in a job.” He ran his fingers through his weightless hair. “What type of job?” I push my hair back. “I need someone to come with me to the planet of Cie’la to search for a missing crew.” His brow scrunches together. “I already have a job and that sounds like a long journey.” I stick my hand back into my pockets dropping the card inside. My fingers wrap around an envelope. Pulling it out, I look down at it and then back to the human. “10,000 now and after we get back I will give you 10,00 when we get back.” His eyes dart over my face. “How far is Cie’la?” “About a half a month trip from here.” He nods. “What’s your name? Pushing myself up, I loom over him. “Si’va Pher’so.” He holds out his hands. “Charles Matrix.” I take his hand with a loose grip. He shakes mine firmly. “When do we leave?”

(Please, leave any feedback or suggestions in the comments below! Or if you prefer something less public head over to my contact page. also, I swear I will have a new chapter of The hidden Library up either next week or the first week of December. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiven!)


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