The Hidden Library: The Sorcerer (Chapter 6)

         My heart slams against my chest. The cold air blows through the corador as I look Alex in his dark eyes. The air fills my chest, my mouth opens. I close my mouth as I watch him press his hand against the wall. “We have to find the hero.” His words echo down the hall. “Will that help us get out.” He looks towards me. “It’s the first step.” Nodding, I walk past him. The flames waver sending our shadows into a small dance. Wooden doors rest to the left of us, they are shrouded in darkness. The wind rushes through the hall blowing back my hair. If I had known it is going to be this cold I would have brought my jacket with me.

    The right side of the hallway opens up to let the moon light shine. Peering out one of the large windows, I see the river rushing below. My breath escapes me in a puff of steam. The city never allowed much in terms of nature. What was that? I turn away from the river looking down the hall. The sound drifts down the hall again. Is that footsteps? Pushing away from the window, I look down the hall; the flames of the torches vanish as the footsteps gets closer. “What’s that?” Alexander pulls at his waist belt pushing his cloak as he does. The brown mass of fabric moves enough for me to see what he’s pulling at. It’s a dagger. The wind rushes back down the hall blowing out some of torches from the way we came. I hold up my fists. I know how to punch and thats about all I can do right now. The last torch flames vanishes into the abyss. Glass clinks together as a brown shoe comes into the moon light.

     It’s sharp form leads a little above the ankle before braking away to loose cream pants. The sound of clanking armor echoes from farther down the hall. The moon light reveals the rest of the person. The short boys sickly pale skin only looks more pale with his vibrant red shirt. Bottles full of colorful liquids jingle as he races towards us. Who is he? His long scarf whips me in the face as I reach out to grab it. I whirl around before coming to a skidding stop. “Let go.” His voice shakes as he pulls at the scarf. “He went this way.” A voice echoes down the hall. The fabric burns against my palms. My stomach fills with cold butterflies as the torches relight themselves. Is it that thing again? Looking back down the lighted hall, I see knights rushing towards us. The scarf flies out of my hands. “Wait!” My voice echoes down the hall as I look back to him. “We have to go!” Alexander grabs me by the arm and pulls us both forward.

(Thank you for reading! Have any thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment or go over to my contact page! I have something special planned for December and you’ll hear all about it next week! Which do you prefer, The Hidden Library or The Human? Leave it in the comments below so I can figure out which one I should update next!)


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