The Human (part 2)

     I push down the large case as it refuses to close. Looking over at the clock, I’m going to be late! Pushing down hard I get the case to close. I throw a backpack over my arm and slip a satchel over my head. My slender claws lock around the case and pull it up. Wobbling over to the door, I open it up. I race down the hall catching an elevator right before it closes. The elevator descends and I look at my watch. I’ll be cutting it close. The doors open with a ding and I sprint out of the building. I pop open the trunk of my car and set my bags inside of it before slamming it shut. I slide into the driver’s side of the car and head off. Cars fly by as I speed down the road. I make a sharp turn and then another, turning into the dock. I check my watch; a minute early. I slip out of the car and grab my bags from the back. My shoes squeak against the floor as I walk through the large buildings. Spaceships loom over me, all of them different colors and sizes. Some were vibrant and large and other small and dark. Ahead of me, stands three figures below a small colorful spaceship. The ship is bulky with pink and red stripes on it, but it is mostly white. It has the words ‘The Dragon’ Written across its side. There it is, that’s the ship we’d be flying on. I take in a deep breath. This is it.

(Thank you for reading until the end! So this is the end of NaNoWriMo and what have I succeeded at? Writing 16,000 words! Which is exciting but next year I’ll do better. Also, tomorrow is the first day of December and I will be doing something a bit different. I will still be writing short stories and posting them every Friday but I will also be posting drawings all the way up until Christmas!  I will be drawing some other peoples characters and some of my own and possibly some fanart so wait for the first post of that tomorrow!  I will be taking a slight break from that on Monday and Tuesday. If you have any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment or go over to my contact page)


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