Some Art

Here's some art I did for their wonderful Cathryn! Their some rough drafts but I hope you at least enjoy some what. This is a Fanila. This one's a Peregon. And then finale one is Mongave Have a happy new year everyone!!!

A Window into the Past

I picked up the box resting it on my knee as I caught my breath. I was only 15 at the time but my stepdad had tasked me with gathering all the stuff up from my grandmother’s house and bringing it to our apartment. It would take me all month at this rate. I looked … Continue reading A Window into the Past


December Drawings #14

Sorry that I didn't update yesterday. By the time I got some free time it was almost nine. Hope you guys enjoy this little doodle of Trico from the Last Guardian! Oh, my about page is also up if you're interested in that. Leave any suggestions for some drawings in the comments below!