December drawing #1

My first drawing is of Fern from The Dragons Bane! This one was super fun to do and rather challenging as well. It took me a few tries to get the braids right. I’m now super attached to Fern.

The Dragons Ban is actually a published book! So here’s a synopsis for it: 

What would you do if someone offered you unlimited power? Would you take it? 
And more importantly, what price would you pay to keep it?
The Bane’s power is little more than a legend in the land of Calest, one known by many but believed by few. But with a rival country now threatening to invade and once-peaceful dragons attacking their cities, a fairytale may be their only option. 
Lena Maye wants no part in finding the Bane. She’s seen firsthand how power corrupted her own country, and only wants to be reunited with her father. But in order to find him, she must join forces with the distrusting and arrogant Blaze Montego…who needs her help to find the Bane. 
With tensions rising on all sides and secrets slipping that could change everything they know about the world, can they find a way to work together and save Calest without being corrupted by the very force they’re fighting against?

So please go check out this wonderful, self proclaimed, crazy dragon lady!

Melody is seriously awesome! Thank you again for letting me draw Fern!


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