December drawing #2

This character is more simplistic then the other one but hey, I think he’s cute.

The character I drew today is named Piers Bennett and he’s in the book A Shared Mind

Here’s a synopsis: 

Two teenagers (neither of whom have committed a crime) break out of jail. Then the excitement starts. Telepathy is the number one weapon you should choose when combating a mafia. Piers and Ava are racing against time to solve a problem that is international – and terribly personal. But can they trust each other? They have to learn how to handle a mafia, telepathy, families with ulterior motives, and a friendship that can do nothing but be used against them

So far it’s a work in progress but I can’t wait until it’s published! 

So go pop by and say hello to Ellery!

Thank you for letting draw your character!

Also a friendly reminder that I will be taking a break on Monday and Tuesday and will be back on Wednesday.


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