December drawings #3

Hey! I’m back from my short break with this drawing! This lovely characters name is Danyon Kilm and the author goes under the name OtterRMS on nanowrimo! I’ll add more information about her once I get a response from her but for now this is what I have. Anyways, despite my main character in my novel having loose curls drawing curls are still rather a problem for me. Also, last year I did a bunch of Percy Jackson drawings this time of year and I got a little bit, only a tad bit, of inspiration from the Grover Underwood one I did. I used Virias drawings as reference for grover so go check her out on tumblr. My great friend Ricky is doing a personal short story give away where you get to pick the main character and everything or just go read some of her storys!

I would have never been confident enough to post my stories or drawings if it wasn’t for her so go say hello over there.


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