The Hidden Library: The Forest (Chapter 7)

     I feel my rubber band loosen as we race down the hall. We follow the vanishing light and sound of clinking glass. The halls twist and turn before us as we make multiple sharp turns. The sound of armor scraping against itself vanishes along with the light. Alex stops and I stumble forward. My heart thuds in my ears, filling the empty void. My mind whirls as my eyes start to adjust to the dark. Moments fly by before the silence is split open by the sounds of coughing. The coughing becomes muffled as moonlight floods through a crack.

     Stepping forward, fingers lock around my arm. A small figure blocks some of the moonlight before vanishing outside carrying the sound of coughing with him. The light vanishes and we are left in darkness. Alex let’s go of my arm and his footsteps pass by me. I stumble forward following the sound of them. He opens the door and we slip out. The door clicks and I let out my breath. We made it. My eyes catch a flash of colors vanishing into the bushes in front of us. Alex races forward towards the bushes. What is he doing? I start jogging after him my feet speeding up as he jumps over the bushes and into the forest.  I push through the bushes racing to keep him in sight. Branches snap below my feet and cut into my cheeks. My hair whips on and off my face as my rubber band continues to slide off. The trees loom over me blocking out the light and making it harder to see the branches two inches in front of my face let alone Alex. He turns into a blurr and then in a moment he vanishes around a corner. 

(Thank you all for reading until the end! If you enjoyed leave a like or comment. Have any feedback, suggestions, or questions? Leave a comment or go over to my contact page! Also, my great friend Ricky is doing a personal short story give away where you get to pick the main character and everything and todays the last day to join so go check that out!


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