The Human (Part 3)

           I walk up to the small group comprised of two short light blue Gaczels and Charles. The Gaczels white wings are folded behind their backs.  “You ready?” Lyk questions. It had been hard the first few days telling the two siblings apart but I figured it out. “I’m ready.” Turning to Charles, I look over his face trying to read his emotions. Humans were…. strange to say the least. Yesterday he had joked about his strange creature, which he said is named Jax, would lick me to death! Personally I don’t find that amusing. Anyways, today is more confusing. He is bouncing up and down but he also keeps shooting glances behind me. His face changes in seconds from smiling to a frowned and then back again. Shaking my head, I look back to Lyk and her sister Tila. “We’re ready.” Tila nods and we climb aboard the ship. The inside isn’t much to gawk about. It has a small lounge area with cabinets and two doors on each side of the ship. The one to the left most likely leading to where the captain controls the ship. The other door must be the sleeping area. I crouch down as we slip into the ship. Me and Charles find some seats while Lyk and Tila go through the left door. The ship door that let us in closes up as the engine starts up. This next month won’t be easy but if I don’t save the crew of The Griffin who will?

(Thank you for reading to the end! I hope you enjoyed. Have any suggestions or feedback? Go to my contact page or post it down in the comments! If you enjoyed this then please leave a like and check out some of my other content! I’m considering writing a part from Charles point of view so how many of you would be interested in that? Anyways, have a merry Christmas! (Or whatever holiday you are celebrating this year!) )


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