The Hidden Library: The Meeting (Chapter 8)

My heart stops as I turn the corner to see emptiness. Words pool in my mouth but they can’t be spoken. Who knows who or what would come if I did. Branches rustle as I take one step after another. My face and neck begin to sting as the muffled thuds of my heart start up. The moon light peeks through the branches clashing with the darkness.

“Alexander?” My heart freezes again as the wind roars covering up my whispers. My hair whips to the side and my bare arms freeze. looking away from my breath, now visible in the form of steam, I push through the cold. The wind quiets down letting silence creep into the silence.

Coughing? My eyes glance around as the sound of coughing continues to break through the silence. I slow to a stop as the coughing gets closer. Fear clasps my heart. Who? The coughing quiets down letting the sound of glass hitting glass filling my ears. What? My heart rams into my chest as my mind races. The pointed tips of boots steps into the sharp light of the moon then that rest of him comes into view. His pale face looks paler in the moon light then before.

“Who-” I cover my mouth before the rest of the sentence floods out. The boy pulls a bottle off of his loose belt hanging from his waste.

“Wait!” My voices echoes for a moment. He stops for a moment to cough into his elbow. My mind races for any way to make him stop but it lands on only one option. Fight. I barrel into him making him drop the bottle. He lets out a short cough as we ram into a tree. I press my arm against his throat holding him against the tree.

“Who are you?” He pushes feebly at my elbow. My hair sticks to my face as I watch his pale green eyes. He’s looking at my face but he isn’t looking into my eyes.

“What’s your name?” He coughs as he shakes under my arm. My heart continues to thud in my ears. I sigh shaking my head. He isn’t that much of a threat. I pull away still ready to run at a moments notice. “I’m Jordan Bird.”

(Thank you for reading to the end! I hope you enjoyed. If you did enjoy like this post and follow for more! Leave any suggestions or feedback in the comments! I watched Spiderman into the Spiderverse finally! I can’t wait to try and do a small little review on it so leave any suggestions or thoughts for that! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate!) )


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