December Drawing finale

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous day.

This characters name is Lynna Belle Thomas! She’s from the work in progrest titled The Game! Here’s a small synopsis for it!

Lynn Thomas is a regular girl who enters the tri-annual, nationwide Game against her mother’s will with her best friend Cassidy. The day after signing up, they begin training and befriend another contestant named Albany. The group’s training and their friendship progresses. But then Albany disappears and Lynn discovers an awful plot by the creators of the Game, Umbra Corp. Horrified, she teams up with a sarcastic girl named Robin and a boy, Ross, along with a member of Umbra Corp named Maverick to stop them and get Albany back. Will they succeed?

You can go find this wonderful writer on twitter under the zoey skanger! She’ll soon have a WordPress blog so watch her twitter for updates on that!

Oh, and the two little cat’s on the paper are named batman (the black one) and lime (the yellow one)


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