Jake’s Memory Stick

Hello everyone! I had to share this blog post by Linz! This blog is really small but I love so much of it’s content so please go check it out! Hope you find this post enjoyable and I hope to see you tomorrow! Have a fabulous day!

LMunro Book Blog

Another, particularly short, dialogue only story.

“It’s got to be around here somewhere!”

I’m not a stranger to the dark. . ,

“What are you looking for?”

Hide away, they say. . .

“I didn’t have it yesterday. Perhaps it’s under this cushion?”

We don’t want your broken parts.

“Have what, Jake?”

“Or did I have it yesterday?”

“We were at Ethyl’s yesterday.”

I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars.

“Oh. That’s right, love! We were. Thanks, Ana. . . Maybe it’s in the car, then.”

“What might?!”

Run away, they say. No one’ll love you as you are.

“I can’t remember having it in the car.”

“For the last time, Jake! What on Earth are you looking for?!”

“My memory stick!”

“. . . It’s still in the USB dock, at the front of the computer, you nugget.”

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