The Lights

Millions of lights shine in the room almost exactly like the stars in the sky. His eyes sparkle as he looks at the lights. A camera in his hands kneeling down looking up. To him, no word could describe how perfect it is. setting his camera down, he takes in the view. Hundreds of thoughts racing through his mind making it impossible to catch his breath. He looks down the never ending room. Lights continuing onwards until it is impossible to see further. He pushes himself up grabbing the camera as the platform sways beneath him in the water. He gains his footing and reaches a foot over to the next platform. He continues like this from platform to platform. They sway and he stumbles but never once does he touch the water. He could go on forever searching for the right light. Is the right light, the one glowing a bright blue or a lime green? Is it small or big? Up high or closer to the water? He doesn’t know the answers to these questions but he’ll know the light when he sees it. Each platform he goes to the farther away from the door he gets.

(Thank you for reading to the end! If you really liked it, press that like button. If you hated it then…. uh…. I don’t know there isn’t exactly a dislike button. Sorry about not posting the second part of the story last week. I had an audition this week (still don’t know if I got the part) and I had a lot to do to be ready for it. I will definitely have it out next week though so stay tuned!)


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