Dragons in the city (Part 2 of A Long Work Day)

People race around scrambling for anywhere and sparking me to move. I go for the staircase and reach it along with four other people. The dragon doesn’t move as the room erupts into panic. Wonder if anyone else in the building can tell what is latched onto our building. I follow everyone down the staircase. How are we going to get out the front door? I don’t know but I don’t really have a better idea so I’m going to go with it. The building shakes for a second freezing everyone in place some people stumble a bit. Once the building is still again, we start making our way down. I break through the door on the bottom floor.

The bottom floor looks almost as dark as the staircase but there are some more light fixtures in the much larger room. Great, somethings in front of the door. Now what? My shoulders slump and my heart slows. For once I wish I’m back at home during shifting day. Light flickers in and out of view as the thing blocking the doors, and the windows, shifts. Is there two dragons? I shake my head. The dragon must have changed it’s positions. The dragon stops shifting leaving it’s face in front of the front door with a bit of light peeking through. It’s eyelids open to revealing a small rim of gold around the iris. The dragon let’s out a puff of air resembling a sigh. It pulls it’s head back letting sun light stream through. After a minute of peering at us from farther away, it moves back to the door and tries to stick it’s nose through. Most people scream and back away to the back of the building while a few, including myself, stay frozen. What’s it trying to do?

The doors creak and the walls crack. If it keeps going like this the wall will cave in most likely injuring people. My heart pounds as I take a shaky step forward.

“Don’t.” Turning, I look the woman frozen next to me whisper shaking her head. Looking back to the door, I see the glass of the door starting to shatter. What do I have to lose? I race forward my footsteps echoing in the halls as people quiet down in shock.

“Stop!” I shout at the dragon. It pauses and let’s out a breath. That worked? That worked! “You’re going to hurt someone.” The dragon pulls away to get a better view of me. It’s listening to me?

“Sorry,” It replies in a deep, feminine voice. Wait? She replied? The dragons a she?

“You speak?”

My heart starts back up but this time it’s pounding in my ear.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I shake my head. Of course she speaks! They couldn’t have put that possibility in the news paper? I look back to everyone who all look confused but also frightened. The dragon pushes her nose back into the door. The dragon sniffs making my hair whip forward. The dragon pulls back.

“What’s your name little one?” She questions. Little one? I scowl.

“I’m not a child.” I reply. That sounds more childish out loud then in my head.

“But you are small? I’d even say tiny.” I shake my head.

“Fine, fine,” I pause for a moment. “We really need you to move so we can go on our way.” More like so she doesn’t knock of this building and kill us all. She tilts her head and confusion fills her eyes.

“But there are so many dangers out side of this….” She pokes her nose against the building making it shake a bit. “Nest? Egg?”

What? “No, this is an office building. She lowers her head back down to me.

“Office…. building?” I suppose dragons never had to deal with office buildings.

“Never mind. We just need you to move.”

She frowns. “Did you not hear me?” I didn’t need this today. Turning on my heels, I walk back over to the group. I tap my foot on the ground as I try to think of a way out. The windows and doors on the bottom floor are completely covered. Tap. Tap. The dragon is big enough to cover the second floor windows as well. Tap. Tap. Maybe, the dragon will get bored and leave. Tap. Tap. The military? They can try but she must be fire proof so I doubt they have anything besides I don’t wish harm on her.

Looking back to the stair case, I remember the smell of lovely coffee that would float into the elevator every time it opens on the third floor. I need some of that but I’m not sure if I want to walk up the stairs to get some. I take in a deep breath before heading towards the door. I climb back up the stairs almost passing the third floor but then turning back after realizing what I did. I peek through the door to see a large group of people sitting in chairs that form a circle. Their discussion quiets down as they notice me. A woman, with long curly hair that is up in a tight bun, stands up.

“Do you know what’s out there?” This prompts everyone to loose their minds, everyone broke into shouts as they all try to ask me questions.

“Quiet!” The woman shouts above them. They all shut up and stare into my soul.

“Uhh….” I shake my head. “It was a dragon.” The room stays silent for a moment before it erupts back into chaos.

Great, my headaches back. I rub my temples as I trudge over to the coffee machine. Picking it up, I look it over. It’s not broken! After completing the process to make the coffee, I start scavenging for some sort of cup to put it in. Ah, there’s some plastic cups! Picking one up, I whirl around and go back over to the coffee machine. I carefully pour in the coffee. My headache throbs but coffee will help with that at least real coffee will not some gross coffee. Bleh. As I go to pick up the coffee, my phone starts buzzing in my pocket. I pull my phone out and look at the caller ID. Jack? It’s already lunch time? Looking to the corner of my phone, I confirm it to be true. Time whirls by when dragons refuse to let you leave a building. I answer putting the phone to my ear and tilt my head to hold it place while I pick up my hot coffee.

“Hey, babe.” Will that ever stop making me happy?

“What do you need?” I lean against the counter and take a sip of coffee. Some good coffee at last!

“It’s lunch time? I always call you this time of day?” has he not see the news?

“Will you be back in time today to pick up Haley and Sara?” I take another sip of coffee.

“No, I’m going to be back around 10,” He pauses. “Why?” Taking in a deep breath, I prepare to respond.

“Have you seen the news today?”

“No, we barely have any service out here.”

“Well, uh.” How do I say this? “There’s a dragon outside my building not allowing me to leave.” He goes silent and I take this moment to take a second. Okay, he should have a reply now. Any time now.


A sigh comes over the phone. “You’re joking, right?”

“I wish I ways.” More silences and another sip of coffee.

“Has anyone come to help?”

“Dear, the dragons at least two stories tall laying down and she’s fire proof.”

Another long sigh. “I’ll call you back in a minute. I want to make sure they’re at least trying to help you.” He still doesn’t understand? I smirk at his word before we say our goodbyes.

I relax on the third floor until I finish my coffee. Which doesn’t take long due to me not wishing it to get cold. I toss my cup into the trash can and head back down stairs. I think I’m ready to try and bargain with her. I open the door to the first floor revealing that most people have left the room leaving only three people in the room talking to the dragon. I listen to them ramble for a while getting distracted and getting back on track many times through out the next few hours. They’re talking about what an office building is now, great this is going to help just as much as the past fifty times they got distracted. The sun glares in the window. It’s already dinner time?

“Listen I really need to get home so can you just move please?” The dragon lays her head down on the ground to get a better view of me.

“This isn’t your home, little one?”

I sigh. “Of course not.”

She frowns and tilts her head.

“But why must you go now?”

“If I leave Jack to cook, he’ll just let my children have ice cream for dinner that is if he even managed to get back and pick them up.” My stomach turns. I hope they are safe at home. She smiles showing her pointy teeth.

“I have grandchildren?”

“Uh…. What?”

She jumps to her feet making the earth shake.

“Where are they?”

Why is this happening today?

“Uh, they’re not your grandchildren?” Last time I checked my mom wasn’t a dragon.

She lowers her head down to my level.

“But… but they are?” I blink slowly. Does… does this dragon think that we are her children? Looking back to the other three, I see them looking almost as confused. I shake my head and turn back to the dragon.

“Can I just go home?”

She thinks about it.

“Okay.” She steps as allowing me to exit. Once outside, I look up at her. She looks down at me.

“You’ll be back right?”

I sigh rubbing my temples.

“I’ll be back as long as you don’t lock me in again.” Also, if I still have a job but I’m not going to tell her that. She smiles and says good bye and I say good bye as well before getting in my car and drive off.

(I’m sorry for this long, so very long, post. I know you are all used to having smaller pieces but hopefully you like it! Thank you for reading to the end and thanks to Kiesha K as she is known on Nanowrimo! If you really like it, you can click the like button, leave a comment, or share with your friends! If you really hate it, then why did you bother reading this far in? Have a fabulous day!

Also, huge thanks to Aris Fuller for helping me with editing! (Along with my usual editor of course) You can find her here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/RacingFanatic12 )


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