The Hidden Library: The Guards (Chapter 9)

Leaves rustle and crickets sing, but he stays silent until he starts coughing again. His coughing fit doesn’t stop as he reaches for his potion.

“Hey!” Stepping back, I watch him as the magical glasses slip down my nose.

He downs the bottle in one go, coughing one last time. I let out a sigh of relief, standing taller as he looks at me.

I look behind him into the darkness.

“Why did you attack me?” he asks.

I look back to him. “Uh… I thought you were going to attack me.”

“I couldn’t even see you!”

“That doesn’t matter-“

“It matters to me.”

“Can you just tell me which way the boy who was with me went?”

He runs his fingers along his potions. “You mean the one that was chasing me?”

“That one.”

The wind rustling the leaves breaks into the new silence. He looks over his shoulder for a second. “Some guards….” Clanking of armor drowns out the wild life and wind. Guards? I peer into the darkness as my stomach sinks. He holds his potions together as he walks toward me. “Some guards caught him,” he whispers. He uses his free hand to grab my arm.

Before I can react, he pulls me back into the thick of the forest.

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