Drawings and Paintings.

Did some painting and I did a lot of drawing! So, I decided to share some of them with you guys!

All of the drawings (unless stated otherwise) are for Cathryn. This guy is a Mavure (I know the names are written on the paper but just in case you can’t read my poor penmanship). This creature is suppose to be a mix of a bear and a artic wolf. My favorite part of this drawing was doing all the floof while my least favorite part was……. actually this drawing was really fun!

This guy is a Vilcunese, This one is a mix of a ferret and an otter. My favorite part of this drawing was the reference photos! Ferrets and otters are so cute! Although, doing the otter tail was hard and I’m not even sure how much I like it.

And this one is horribly photographed! For some reason this one didn’t want to be photographed. I mean it’s not like the other’s are that amazing. Anyways! This guy is named Terlonis. The fur palette was the hardest part of this guy but that tail was really fun! I really like drawing the floofy parts.

This one is a dormouse and a forest mouse. They are so cute but so similar making it hard to combine them. Anyways, this creature is called Artunian.

This ones a Renalda which is a mix between a fox and a racoon (Yes, the name is wrong under the drawing).

This ones a Mongave which is a mix between a Coyote and a Bobcat.

This is a painting I did for my editor! It was her birthday a few days ago, so I tried something new! This painting is the first time I stuck to one type of paint becuase this time I wasn’t being an idiot. I love this painting more then any of my others! I really hated it at the beginning but then I did the silhouettes and I loved it!

Bonus drawings!

I did this in five seconds just to see how the bigger one would look. Luckily the bigger one looks better.

This one isn’t finished but I probably won’t finished. I really wanted to try doing a quick sketch and it worked out okay-ish. I know the mask is wrong but it’s only there becuase I didn’t like the mouth I was going to do but that was after I inked it in.

If you enjoyed, please consider leaving a like! Which one of these drawings or paintings is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments below! Have a fabulous day!


8 thoughts on “Drawings and Paintings.

  1. My favorite drawing that you made for me was the Renalda and the Mongave. Those are nice and detailed. 🙂 I love that painting you did-the one with the silhouette! That is so cool!

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