The Human (Part 4)

Day 27, I can’t wait to get off this ship! My neck is aching but my back is worse off. We’ve only gotten off the ship twice to refill the ships tank, but it wasn’t enough.

I take a sip of some Gaczelian ale as I try to get comfortable on the small seats. The ale burns my mouth before burning my throat as I swallow. They may be small aliens but they know how to make liquor. Charles yawns as he readjusts his position. He isn’t hunched over currently, but if he stood up he’d have to.

“About time to get some sleep,” He says as he picks at the table.

I shift in my seat and look at a clock built into the wall. “I’m going to stay up late tonight. Try to map out our journey some more.”

He nods and stands up. “Goodnight.”

(Sorry for the rather short post but thank you for reading to the end! If you enjoyed, leave a like and if you didn’t then……. I don’t know. There’s not exactly a dislike button. I always enjoy reading any feedback or suggestions in the comments down below! If you are new and aren’t sure what’s going on, going to my site and clicking on the short stories category holds all of my short stories and the first chapter of this one. Have a fabulous day!)


4 thoughts on “The Human (Part 4)

  1. Okay, so I enjoyed this except for the rather absent punctuation marks. A few times you didn’t use commas where you could’ve, and I didn’t see enough apostrophes. You can also use some more adjectives, but it’s not super important. Other than that, it was really interesting! I don’t believe I’ve read the other excerpts for this story, so I’ll go check them out now.

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