Art Monday #1

Hello everyone! I decided since I post art on here I might as well make it consistent-ish. I probably won’t post art every Monday, but when I have art to share I’ll save it for Monday. Anyways, onto the art!

Here’s my late contribution to valentines day! This is my second watercolor painting and I sort of fell in love with this medium. Just a enough love for it to were all my other drawings are also watercolor paintings.

This guy is named Lucas and he was requested but the wonderful Witherwriting! You can find Witherwriting on Instagram @artisticaquarium.

This lovely gal is named Micah Lauren and she was requested by the lovely MayorEmma (as she is known on nanowrimo).

This guy is named Beni and he was requested by the amazing ShaggyThorn! He’s suppose to have black panther ears and I was trying to put them where the ears would actually be. Did they turn out good or awful? I can’t decide.

Here’s two random sketches I did in church and decided to paint. There of Virgil from Sander Sides! If you haven’t heard of Sander Sides, go to Youtube look up Thomas Sanders and start watching Sander Sides!

Okay, that’s all for now! Leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed! You can always contact me on my contact page (shocking!). Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!


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