Art Monday #2

Hey everyone! Real quick before we look at the art, I wanted to tell you guys that I watched Captain Marvel and the non-spoiler review will probably be posted the Friday after this one!

Onto the art!

These unfinished sketches were for some children at church! I sat down to do some sketching and then bam! They were there.

These two paintings were for my friend Ricky! (Who has a fabulous blog called Rickys corner). These paintings also show case my totally fabulous photographing skills. Some more Sander Sides fanart of course.

I was practicing my realistic sketching and I drew something I sort of hate? I like the values it just doesn’t look anything like Virgil (from Sander Sides). I don’t know what’s with the eye in the corner of the paper but it’s there.

I like it better from this angle for some reason.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on currently! Someone requested that I draw Moana on the last Art Monday, so I started a sketch!

Hope you all enjoyed! Leave a like and comment down below if you enjoyed! If you didn’t enjoy……. Uh… do what ever you want I guess. Got no suggestions for you. Have a fabulous day everyone!


5 thoughts on “Art Monday #2

  1. *squeezes through* Pardon me Moana fans…
    Just kidding! Acacia, these are great! By the way, I noticed on your laptop the Lightning Thief sticker. Cool! πŸ™‚

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