Captain Marvel (Non-spoiler Review)

I was really hoping to get a short story out today, but my laptop refused to let me use WordPress yesterday. I also am changing up the format for the non-spoiler reviews, so don’t let that throw you off! Anyways onto the review.


Captain Marvel is an alien Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between her people and the Skrulls. With help from Nick Fury, she soon tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her powers to end the war.


First off, if you haven’t seen any other Marvel movies, you can still enjoy this movie. You might even enjoy it more. It’s very much like a phase 1 Marvel movie.

I must be completely honest I didn’t have high hopes for this movie going into it. I knew it would be okay because it’s a Marvel movie.

With that in mind, I’d have to say it was an okay movie. It wasn’t trash, but it wasn’t that awesome or even good. It was meh. It was okay.

Let’s start with what was good. The Stan Lee tribute was the best thing ever. I really enjoyed his cameo too. I liked all of the supporting cast. No one was horrible and they are pretty enjoyable. My favorite has to be Nick Fury (played by Samuel. L. Jackson). Goose was awesome! Every joke involving Goose got a smile out of me except for one. I went with my dad to see the movie and he enjoyed all the throw backs which amused me. I like the aliens! I love the way the Skrull change forums. Captain Marvels (played by Brie Larson) actually had facial expressions and that is the strongest part of her acting. The comedy is still there and I found it amusing.

That’s it. Now! Onto the bad.

It might have been only me, but I found Captain Marvel a….. boring character? This could have been fixed, so easily! She doesn’t change at all during the story and we are told that people tell her to stay down or whatever, but are never shown that much of it. Okay, okay, I need to move on before I start ranting. Brie Larson had good facial expressions, but her voice sounds monotone through it the entire movie. The CGI looks awful at some points. I don’t understand why some scenes look nice, but then others look terrible! The worst of this is in Goose and the third act. See, someone had the brilliant idea to CGI Goose when someones picking him up. I don’t know why they don’t just have people pick up a real cat (if there is an actual reason for this, please tell me in the comments). The third act CGI was a mess just like every part of the third act.

This one isn’t the movies fault, but the timing for this movies release is awful. I don’t think anyone should be introduced right before Endgame. She could have come in after the Endgame and helped deal with the aftermath. I just don’t like the timing. The pacing felt off. The start dragged on for forever and it turns from one direction to another directions so quickly. I also thought all the flash backs were stupid and didn’t add to the plot besides one or two. The tie in with Captain Marvel being the one who gave Fury the idea for the name Avengers is pointless and makes this movie feel more like a phase 1 movie then it already does.

I would suggest seeing it if you want to, but personally I’d just watch Wonder Woman again. If you don’t want to go, but you feel like there might be something important for Endgame, just look up the end scenes. That’s all the movie really has to do with Endgame.

Leave a like if you enjoyed! How many of you have seen Captain Marvel or the new Endgame trailer? Leave a comment telling me what you thought of it! Have a fabulous day!


10 thoughts on “Captain Marvel (Non-spoiler Review)

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you completely on how good Captain Marvel was. Personally, I thought it was AWESOME, wayyy better than Wonderwoman (although I loveeee Diana too). her character seemed really well put together to me, and I liked it because it’s so unlike any regular Marvel movie. There were less special effects, and it was more about how Vers found out who she was and decided what to do with her past. I thought the Avengers tie in was also kinda cool too.
    The fact that Nick Fury lost his eye because of a cat had me laughing as well XD And yes, Goose is an incredible character.

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    1. Don’t want to cause any debates, but I honestly thought Wonder Woman was overrated (a little boring, because she didn’t feel very dynamic). Is Captain Marvel better, compared to Wonder Woman?

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