Captain Marvel (Spoiler Review)

Heyo everyone! It’s time for the spoiler review! I will try not to rant to much as it is rather to easy for me to get stuck on the bad. Sorry if I go on a long winded rant! Anyways, onto the review!

Spoilers ahead!


Captain Marvel is an alien Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between her people and the Skrulls. With help from Nick Fury, she soon tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her powers to end the war.


Well, I liked all the side characters! I loved Goose! Nick Fury (Played by Samuel Jackson) was good although no matter how much I though Goose scratching his eye….. it doesn’t make much sense? Nick Fury is way more loose in this movie then he usually is and he implies in previous movies that the story behind his eye pushed him more onto the lonesome path, but then it was just a cat? That could have been better, but I was amused by it.

I actually enjoyed some of Carols previous team, so rather disappointed that they weren’t used more.

I liked Maria Rambeau ( played by Lashana Lynch) and her relationship with Carol and her daughter. I actually enjoyed everyones relationships with Carol…… I didn’t like Carol though. I thought she was well written I just didn’t feel like Brie Larson brought the charisma needed for this character. She also had no arch. Well, characters in the movie said she had an arch. No matter how many times Carol says she’s been told what to do all her life we aren’t shown any of it! The entire movie is her defying everyones orders! Her entire personality shows that she doesn’t follow orders! Even the flash backs that are suppose to show this, are all useless in the end all for some cheesy little monolog.

I loved the Skrull after they got past the weird plot twist.

CGI and set design

Okay, there isn’t that much CGI in the first few act’s of this movie (except for the cat, but I’ve ranted enough about that in my non-spoiler review). Although, any CGI in this film is…… meh or terrible! This is extremely obvious during the third act where everything’s just a mess. I did like how the Skrull change forums though.

I really enjoyed the sets for these movies! The beginning scenes and just everything! They were amazing. Maybe that’s where their CGI budget went?


The plot is your basic phase 1 Marvel movie. Superhero fights one off villain that starts the hero’s adventure. This plot would have made more sense any other time besides right before Endgame. The plot did not go in the way I thought it would, but I didn’t really like the plot before the twist. 2 act was the best act out of them all.

I could go one for a while on little tangents, but I don’t hate this movie. It’s meh and I’d rather not rain on everyone else’s parade. At the end of the day, you can go see this movie or not. It barely has anything to do with Endgame.

Anyways, have a fabulous day and remember to like if you enjoyed! Leave a comment of what you thought of the movie. If you didn’t enjoy, have a nice life.


2 thoughts on “Captain Marvel (Spoiler Review)

  1. You already know my opinion on this movie, so I’m not gonna say it again. But I completely agree with you on the sets and the characters, and the fact that Nick has to wear an eyepatch because of an alien cat is kinda strange, but it’s also funny at the same time.

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