My Camp NaNo Schedule!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to share my Camp NaNo schedule! I did this mostly to get into the camp spirit.

Don’t know what Camp NaNo is or what I’m doing for it? Follow this link to find out more:

Thank you Kage of RLyis for this calendar and for the cover photo of this post!

Now, what are these random numbers on each date? See, I won’t have that much time during camp April, so I decided to do 48 hours instead!

You might have also noticed that theres an entire week without anything. Well, that week is a week full of rehearsals that last all day. I won’t have really anytime that week. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post that week either.

That’s all for today! What are your goals and project for Camp NaNo? Are you even doing Camp?

Leave a like if you enjoy! Feels free to leave a comment or go over to my contact page! Have a fabulous day!


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