Let me paint an image for you; I’m sitting on my couch listening to some people play monopoly on Youtube (becuase I’m a loser) when I decide to check my WordPress. As I look over my dash, I realize that it is Friday. What happens on Friday? I post on Friday. So here I am at 10 at night making up stuff becuase I forgot to plan anything….. Enjoy.

Today you guys to listen to me ramble about things.

First thing, Animal Crossing:

I love playing Animal Crossing, but my 3DS has a terrible battery. Who else is ready for it to come out on the Switch? Can’t wait to abandon all of my villagers for a shiner village.

Second thing, posters:

I have had so many posters, but most of them have fallen off. I had two Guardians of the Galaxy posters, a Spiderman poster, and I just got a signed Sander Sides poster that I got a frame for. It’s really pretty. I have to Viria Percy Jackson prints that are also very pretty. Oh, my Sander Sides poster is made of a really nice material that I love.

Third thing, hobbies:

I have so many. I write, draw, musical theatre, and now crocheting. I guess I don’t have that many. Whoops. I got into crocheting a week ago and it’s hard when starting out, but I already committed. This one lady at my church said she’d help me. I have two little yarn things. Ones red and the others purple, but I’m going to get more. Let’s turn to my art, I got some post cards and can’t wait to get them finished. I’m going to send one to this Youtuber named Drawing with Jazza (I would suggest watching him) and the others are going to some friends and family. I managed not to do a full drawing this week which means I’m going to have to do some drawing during camp.

Speaking of camp…..

Fourth thing, Camp NaNo:

Camp is in two days and I am not prepared! I have an outline for up to chapter three and said outline is two sentences per chapter. This is going to burn. I’ll be fine though. I’ll push through. Maybe….

Welp, that’s it for rambling. I hope you enjoyed and have a lovely day. Please leave a like if you, well, liked it. Leave a comment about how much of a horrible blogger I am and follow me if you want more random things showing up on your dash late at night!


3 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. My hobbies: collecting snow globes and playbills, reading, blogging.

    In the middle of: I have a WIP I am in the middle of. A children’s fantasy- it is my first book. After that, planning to continue.

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      1. I saw one show on Broadway and one in the West End.

        I live in the United States in Charlotte, NC. So tours are my main way of seeing musicals- glad Charlotte is a major touring city.

        Have a good number of playbills- which mostly does come from tours.

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