Art Monday #4

Welcome back everyone! It's once again Art Monday! I was going to wait until I had some more art of some peoples characters and not fanart, but I missed Friday upload. Also, I missed the Friday upload because I was opening night for a show I'm in! Got some pretty flowers! Aren't they pretty? Anyways, … Continue reading Art Monday #4


Character Interview: Kinley Charlton

Hey all! I'm doing another character interview! This one is of Kinley Charlton whose author is the lovely R.M. Archer from This is actually for her blog tour! She's recently published that book so go check it out over at her fancy website! Onto the interview!! ------------------ (Me): First off, hello Kinley Charlton! How … Continue reading Character Interview: Kinley Charlton

Character Interview: Evan Charleston

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest! Misha from Izzi Bella Misha Rose. She'll be taking over from here! ^^^^^^^^^ (Misha): (annoying intro music) Welcome, Evan Charleston! Let's get into the questions. (Evan): Okay. (Misha): How long have you been doing theater? (Evan): I started in middle grade, but I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly … Continue reading Character Interview: Evan Charleston