Character Interview: Evan Charleston

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest! Misha from Izzi Bella Misha Rose. She’ll be taking over from here!


(Misha): (annoying intro music) Welcome, Evan Charleston! Let’s get into the questions.

(Evan): Okay.

(Misha): How long have you been doing theater?

(Evan): I started in middle grade, but I’m a bit fuzzy on exactly which age I was.

(Misha): What’s your favorite play?

(Evan): Hmmmm, that’s tough. Les Miserables and Hamilton have to be my favorites currently.

(Misha): Does Mitchel like theatre?

(Evan): She doesn’t hate it, but I don’t think she would go to any shows if we weren’t friends.

(Misha): How did you meet Mitchel?

(Evan): We met in middle school when I tried out for the Soccer. She was trying out for the girl team and she kicked a Soccer ball into my face. My nose was bruised for a week.

(Misha): What was your director like?

(Evan): He’s fun, but he keeps everyone focus when we have things to do. He has an astonishing amount of patience’s.

(Misha): Okay, I know some of this might be hard…what about your parents? What’s going on with them?

(Evan): Well… uh… they are argueing non-stop. Even when they aren’t argueing they are argueing, but my mom will be moving out soon so at least they won’t be yelling at each other about everything every night.

(Micha): Enough on that topic then, Where do you live?

(Evan): I live in New Jersey.

(Misha): Do you like it?

(Evan): It’s alright, but I would love to live more out of the city.

(Misha): Last question: What’s your favorite color…and why?

(Evan): Red; it looks dramatic and I don’t know. I just really like it.

(Misha): (Astonishingly annoying outro music) Thank you for being here, Evan! See you next time!


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