Q&A with Friend

Hello everyone! Today I will be answering some questions with my wonderful friend Ricky from Ricky’s Corner. Let’s get on to the questions!


Question 1: can you tell the readers about yourself and your blog?

(Ricky): Sure! I’m a fantasy short story blogger. I write whatever comes to mind when I sit down at the computer, most of the time, but it almost always turns out fine.

(Acacia): Oof. Do I have to? Guess this is what happens when I let Ricky choose the questions. My blog has short stories, reviews, and art! Reviews and short stories are usually posted on Fridays. Sometimes I’ll post on art on Monday which I have so cleverly named Art Monday. Personally, I label myself as a Christian, film nerd, theatre nerd (with tons to learn), art nerd, nerd nerd.

Question 2: Describe how you first got into blogging

(Ricky): Well, I’ve blogged some before when I was younger, so I knew the drill already. My creative writing teacher said we ought to start a blog, so here I am! I’ve found it really fun, in the time I’ve been doing it.

(Acacia): My creative writing teacher said to create a blog and I just thought ‘Okay’. Poof! My blog was made! What a wild backstory.

Question 3: Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

(Ricky): Fantasy is my jam. I love to think about fairies dancing in circles of mushrooms, or the intricacies and limits of magic. I also voraciously read fairy tales as a child (and still do, sometimes) so I know something about the type of stories I want to write.

(Acacia): ….. Let me see…. I have a fountain of ideas that is constantly flowing. Which also is a bit of a problem since I keep wanting to do new things instead of finishing old things. I do multiple things which adds to the over flowing fountain of ideas.

Question 4: How would you describe your blogging style?

(Ricky): A mishmash. Sometimes I write an actual story, other days it’s just a snippet of info about me or something I thought was interesting. My blogging style is mostly just me having fun doing what I want to.

(Acacia): Laid back. Sort of chill, but also out of control sometimes. Ans by out off control I mean…. I might shout a little bit too much.

Question 5: How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

(Ricky): I would love to become a better writer! I try and learn something new about writing every week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

(Acacia): Keeping ahead of things more and doing more things. I want to make more and new content. I actually have some special different content coming up this month


Okay! That’s it for today! Follow me if you want sort of okay content and follow Ricky for fabulous content! https://rickyswritingcorner.wordpress.com/

Leave a like if you enjoyed and leave a comment with your thoughts! Have a wonderful day!


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