Character Interview: Kinley Charlton

Hey all! I’m doing another character interview! This one is of Kinley Charlton whose author is the lovely R.M. Archer from

This is actually for her blog tour!

She’s recently published that book so go check it out over at her fancy website! Onto the interview!!


(Me): First off, hello Kinley Charlton! How has your day been so far?

(Kinley): More eventful than I’d intended, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

(Me): Is there any special meaning behind your name?

(Kinley): Not that I know of. But I’ve never been one to care much about the meanings of names. That’s more my cousin’s field.

(Me): What type of witch craft do you practice?

(Kinley): Most of my tricks are magic-infused foodstuffs. Sweets, most often. Powdered sugar with a kick of Confusion is my personal favorite.

(Me): How long have you been practicing your craft?

(Kinley): Oh dear… a very long time. I believe I’m nearing a century at this point.

(Me): You like to cook right? What would you say is your favorite thing to cook?

(Kinley): Anything sweet. Gingerbread is a personal favorite.

(Me): Do you prefer baking or cooking meals?

(Kinley): Definitely baking. I have perhaps too much of a sweet tooth. *chuckles*

(Me): What else do you like to make?

(Kinley): Candy. And as far as non-food items are concerned, I enjoy designing clothes, particularly ballgowns.

(Me): What would you say is your strongest personality trait?

(Kinley): I’m stubborn. Incredibly stubborn.

(Me): What is your least favorite food?

(Kinley): Kale. Some say brussel sprouts are the worst vegetable, but kale is definitely worse. At least brussel sprouts can be effectively caramelized. *snorts*

(Me): What would you say is your least favorite trait about yourself?

(Kinley): *pauses to think* I can be rather harsh on people. It comes of being let down too many times, I think, but I’d like to work on regaining some of my old sweetness.


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