The Bad Part of Town

Erin shifted his back pack as he walked down the street. A stray street light flickered on and off to light, but the main light came from the full moon. Graffiti lined the cracked wall and trash flooded the street. Wind whipped his dark brown hair to the right along with his light sweater.

He had realized a bit too late that the weather wasn’t going to be nice all day. In the dead silence, besides the swishing off water in his back pack, he felt as if someone was there. It felt as though someone was watching from every crack. Every alley. He tried to avoid thinking about the dark cracks by looking at the graffiti. He ditched this idea as well once he noticed the splotches of blood that would be on the wall. He told himself that it was paint, but he knew better.

He had tried to go around this part of town and that didn’t go so well. He did not know his way around town as much as he had thought. He stopped in his tracks as the sound of someone spray painting fills the air.

“Will you hurry up?” A voice questioned.

The spraying sound stopped replaced with a someone shushing the voice. “I’m working,” Another voice said this one was muffled.

“The sun set an hour ago. Why aren’t you done?”

Erin crept over to the wall to peer over into a wide alley where the voices were coming from. In the alley, was a little latter that held a someone on top next to a large wall. At the bottom of the latter, there is a bag with spray paint around it and another person. Erin could tell that the person on the bottom was a male with curly hair with a light skin tone who also happened to be a giant.

“I never said I’d be done before sunset.”

“I tell you every time-”

“Blah blah blah,” The man on the latter mocked.

The one on the ground looked down away from the one on the latter his eyebrows knitted together. Erin and him met eyes.

“Hey!” The man called out to Erin.

Erin turned around to bolt the way he came when he saw an officer car. He froze; his heart pounded in his head and his stomach twisted. He knew he had messed up. When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around and swung at whoever it was. The man dodged and grabbed his arm. More curses escaped the mans mouth.


“Code names!”

The man shakes his head. “Just get down here! We have to leave.”

“I’m not-”

“Get down!”

The police car got closer. Erin struggled, but to no use. Once Jasper noticed Erin he had all of his stuff packed up with seconds. He raced up to them. He goes to open his mouth, but he is shoved forward along with Erin.

“Don’t talk. Run!”

As they raced down the street, Erin thought about all the terrible choices he made to lead up to this. He stumbled along his way as the pace got to fast.

“Hurry up!” The man grumbled.

“I have small legs! It’s not my fault!” Jasper snapped.

“The dead weights going faster and he’s smaller!”

Erin shook his head as he tried to ignore them. As the sound of the police car got closer, he is shoved in to an alley which caused him to ram into Jasper.


“Just jump the fence and stop complaining!”

As Jasper raced over to the fence and scrambled up, the man looked down to Erin.

“Dead weight, can you get over this?”

Erin looked up at the fence. It towered above him, he shook his head.

“You got this. You just might need some help,” The man stated.

Erin didn’t really want help. At this point he wanted to go home, but he didn’t get much time to think about this as the man hoisted him up.

“I’m Matt by the way.”

Erin scowled. “What are-”

Before he finished, Matt tossed him at the wooden fence. Erin scrambled to grabbed the fence as he hit it. Jasper, who was about to jump over the top, went flying to the ground after Erin caused the fence to shake. The wood tore into Erin’s hands as he pulled himself over. When he land on the other side, he looked down at his hand. Blood oozed from his hands and skin was peeling off. The latter came over the fence and then Matt came over landing beside him.

“This way,” He said before he yanked them both forward and across the street to a quiet coffee street.

Only a few cars were parked there and the lights in the shop were off. Once they reach the shop, they stopped. Jasper started taking in deep breathes and rested his hands on his bent knees. Erin ran his fingers through his hair as he leaned against a car.

Matt turned to him. “You okay, kid?”

Erin nodded. Jasper dragged the latter over to a small car.

“You need a ride home?” Matt asked.

“Uh… I guess,” Erin mumbled.

“You guess?” Matt raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I wasn’t really planning on going home but-”

“Ah, that’s what a nice kid like you are doing out here.” Erin crossed his arms. “No ones running away on my watch, so let’s get you back home.”


I can do long posts! This was such a pain to do, but it’s here! This is actually a backstory to some characters in a short story I’m writing called Forest of Nightmares.

Anyways, if you enjoyed please leave a like and a comment! If you enjoyed and want more semi okay to semi good content then consider following me! Have a fabulous day and a wonderful Easter!


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