Art Monday #4

Welcome back everyone! It’s once again Art Monday! I was going to wait until I had some more art of some peoples characters and not fanart, but I missed Friday upload. Also, I missed the Friday upload because I was opening night for a show I’m in!

Got some pretty flowers! Aren’t they pretty? Anyways, let’s move on to the art!

I tried to do some more realistic painting of Thomas Sanders, but it went…… uh… you decide how it went. I don’t think it’s my best, but I’ve done worse.

This is my favorite one I did all month. I had seen this sort of idea on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand so I did. This Jacksepticeye, but it was meant to be Markiplier then my friend said it looked like Jack and then I saw it. Now he’s Jack!

And here’s just a few sketches!

Hoe you guys enjoyed! If you did in fact enjoy, please leave a like and a comment if you have any thoughts! Go ahead and click that follow button if you have nothing better to do and want semi-trash to okay content! Have a fabulous day!


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