Avengers Endgame Non-spoiler Review.

Welcome all to another review! So, Avengers Endgame is out and I saw it (not going to lie. It killed me a little inside)! my apologies for not posting last Friday. That’s when I saw the movie and I had totally forgotten about my post until it was rather late.

Anyways, onto the review!

The CGI in this movie was awesome! There were so many times I saw something and thought it was gorgeous.

All the characters are just as lovely as ever! I’m so happy that Clint Barton (played by Jeremy Renner) and Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) got to actually be in this movie. It’s also nice to see Stan Lees cameo.

To me, this was a very satisfying end to the previous movie and the build up of the past 19 or so movies. The story was amusing and there was non-stop action. There are a few things that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but that has to do with spoilers.

I know this review is super short, but I really, really, really don’t want to give anything away! If you haven’t seen Endgame yet, get off the internet before it get’s spoiled for you and go see it!

Hope you all enjoyed this review! In fact, there is a very fancy way of showing me that and that way is by leaving a like! Have non-spoiler thoughts on Endgame? Leave them in the comments! Haven’t followed me yet and you didn’t absolutely despise me? Go ahead and hit that follow button for more okay-ish content. Have a fabulous day!


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