The Disaster Below

The water is peaceful today as I relax on the rocks outside of the gates. A younger guard by the name of Val sits on the rock across from me. Whatever conversation we had been keeping up has long since died out and I am enjoying the silence. Val is rather talkative and him being silent is a welcomed change. I look out into the abyss that is dimly lit by plants that flow back and forth.

A crash echoes through the water.

“What was that?” Val questions.

I scowl and sit up. “I don’t know. I’ll go check it out.”

I don’t wait for him to respond. Darting through the water, I follow the shock waves to find boulders scattered about. I look up to see the edge of a cliff above has been broken off. I slip through the rocks keeping an eye out for anything out of place. After a few more minutes, I find exactly that.

It’s a large white thing. It’s shaped like a squid head and has little eyes that are slightly glowing. As I get closer, it doesn’t even notice me and I it does it doesn’t do anything. Along it’s white skin is scratched off in some places revealing colorful insides.

I peer at it. Not many things in the ocean are bigger then me and not many things end up this deep in the ocean. I place a hand on the creature. It is cold and smooth. My brow furrows. This isn’t any creature of the sea. This is something made by another creature. I have come across my fair share of sunken two-tail devices and they felt similar to this. Although, none of them looked like this.

I peer through one of it’s eyes into the insides. The lights flicker on the inside revealing a few bodies laying inside of it.

I sigh. Looks like their all dead like usual. As I pull away, I notice one of the two-tails walking through the hall. So, they walk like crabs? More importantly how is it alive? No ones ever seen one alive all the way down here. It has blond hair and pale skin which was unusual for them, but not unheard of.

After a few seconds of peering at it, it notices me.


Millions of thoughts, most of them are filled with curses, race through my head. This entire trip is a nightmare! Now, I’m staring into large eye that fills the window. I want to move. I want to get out of it’s line of sight, but I find myself frozen like a stupid deer. I’m dead! I’m going to die thousands of feet in the water.

Nicks word ring in my ears. “Theres a reason why we have explored space more then the ocean.” Nick was always a bit crazy, but he might have been right. I’ve seen aliens and none of them are nearly as big or terrifying as… as…. whatever this is!

The eye pulls back and the full front of the monster is more confusing then scary. I tilt my head as I stare into the face of an older man. His beard long and grey same with his hair. He wears a scowl on his face. I made it angry! How did I do that? I don’t know I just did!

My legs decide to work and I bolt over to the wall next to the window. My mind jumps from idea to idea as I try to grasp what I saw.

Maybe a another look would help me decide what it was I saw. I peak out the window in as it starts swimming away with a large dark blue tail. No….. that was a mermaid or I guess a merman.

I rub my head. I must have hit my head harder then I realized. That or I saw a merman. I stand there in the reality of what I saw. I shake my head slowly. I can’t be the only who survived the crash….. I need to find someone.

I wander through the ship probably going in a million circles before reaching the bridge and I spent every minute of it thinking of what I saw.

My mind is drawn away from it as I enter. The smell of blood is so strong it makes me gag.

“Hello!” I call out. No one moves

Moving further into the room forces me to step over corpses causing my stomach to turn.


As I almost reach the center of the room, the room begins to shake and I’m thrown off my feet. I fall to my side and grab onto the back of a seat. I grip onto the sit as everything starts to be jostled around.

Why? Why?! I thought we hit the ground!

As bodies are jostled around, Blood smears against the white floor and whiles. I look back towards the console as I block out the other people in the room. I hold back throw up as I try not to think about it.

After what seems like forever, the jostling stops. Finally. While trying to not look up, I go back to the latter that leads back down.

I go down the ladder step by step with my stomach continuing to turn. I don’t want to see the rest of the ship. As I reach down with my foot, the submarine goes flying forward launching me backwards.

I tumble onto the floor hitting my head hard.


I decided it was finally time to post another short story! This one came about curtsy of Ricky’s prompts for May. This one was prompt 2. Go check out Ricky! She’s awesome! She’s writing a way better short story about mermaids:

Also, go check out Aria who did a way better job at this prompt:

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9 thoughts on “The Disaster Below

  1. Great story. I’ve always imagined merpeople to be roughly the same size as humans, (probably because of The Little Mermaid) but of course, there’s no reason to believe they would be.

    Liked by 1 person

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