Just real quick before I you read the short story, this story is by the wonderful Ricky so go check her out!

Onto the story!


Aaliyah crept around the corner in her government issue boots. She had her gun ready and her flashlight turned off.

As far as she knew, she was the only crew-member left alive on the ship, and therefore the only one with vital information about the enemy’s galactic base. She had to get off, she had to get away. She wished she could take the boots off, but they were an essential part of her suit. Without every component, her suit wouldn’t be airtight, and she could die in the vacuum.

“Soldier 45602, search the ship for any survivors. We can’t let anyone escape.” The harsh voice echoed down the hall, to the place where Aaliyah crouched in the darkness.

There was the sound of displaced air as a soldier saluted, and then heavy footsteps came down the hall towards her.

The last survivor prayed to any god that would listen, she couldn’t die here. She wouldn’t die here.

The oncoming soldier didn’t have a flashlight. Aaliyah only entertained the thought that he might have dark vision for a moment, before she struck, shooting him with her laser. Silent, but deadly.

The soldier fell with a grunt, and she imagined a baleful glare. Well, he was out of the running, and she need not worry about him any longer.

She was so close to the exit. So close to freedom.

It was with relief that she made it to the outer door of the hull. It was open, she noted, but there was a soldier standing in her path, facing out into the port they had been apprehended at.

With a quick glance, Aaliyah checked that there was no one else around before rushing at the enemy.

He fell to the ground, and his face-plate came off as he did. Aaliyah covered him with her gun, but didn’t shoot. She knew this soldier.


“You picked the wrong side.”

He pushed himself up, and Aaliyah allowed it, keeping her gun trained on him.

“You haven’t figured it out yet, Al?” His eyes darted around, perhaps looking for an escape. Aaliyah, pushing him over, had thrown his gun across the room.

“Figured what out?”

“None of us got to choose, Al. We were chosen.”

They stood there for a moment, the soldier looking resigned and Aaliyah still aiming at his chest.

Without warning, the lights went up and the bustling scene outside the door faded to black. A voice called out over the intercom.


Aaliyah lowered her gun and took her helmet off. Terrence grinned at her, young and boyish again.

“You made it, Al! I mean, your team didn’t win, but you held out the longest!”

“We do this every year, Terry. I was bound to get better sometime.”

They headed to the real exit, hand in hand.

“I’m still not sure how you were so quiet in your combat boots. Everyone thought you were crazy, wearing those to laser tag!”

She shrugged, smiling at her boyfriend. “Maybe I am crazy. Ice cream?”

“Ice cream.”


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