The Hoard

It all started a month ago. Carly had noticed her good friend Princess Fluff vanished without any warning. A few days after that Marcus the Unicorn vanished as well. Then it was Button the Bunny. George and Tyler the turtles vanished only the next night. Since then a stuffed toy had been vanishing from her bedroom one by one each night. She had been getting rather fed up with it and Charles the Pug wasn’t pleased either.

 Charles prided himself on keeping monsters out of the bedroom and now he had let one slip through the cracks. 

Carly called a meeting to find that Charles was the last of her friends left, so they formed a plan. They spent hours to plan for the next night. Charles had decided they would have to confront the monster head on. They would have to go onto it’s land and taking back their friends. 

Carly considered herself a tough girl and wasn’t scared to face the monster even if Charles objected to her going. They spent a few minutes arguing until Charles gave in and allowed her to come.

It was the night and Carly could feel her heart pounding as she waited for the time to come. Charles had said that most monsters come out at ten. Time passed slow especially for Carly. After what felt like hours, Carly heard the first sign of the monster. The sound of something breathing. 

She leaned over the bed rather careful to not make any noise. A large reptilian nose poked out from under the bed. Then a large claw reached out and grabbed around the floor. After it found nothing, the creature huffed and started wriggling out from under the bed. 

Carly laid back down and pretended to be asleep. The bed wobbled and shook a bit before it stops. She held her breath as the claw reached over her and plucked Charles from her side. She stayed still as she thought of what to do. 

Admitly the plan wasn’t very detailed. Once Charles was taken, she was to follow the monster under the bed and to the rest of it’s hoard, but what to do when she got there or what she might find had not been discussed. 

The bed wobbled and shook again before it stopped. 

She slid off the bed and grabbed her flash light from the bedside table. She flicked it on and crawled under the bed. At first it looked normal, before she noticed the hole in the wall. She tried to shine her flashlight in the hole but the shadows didn’t vanish. She didn’t understand how a giant creature could fit in the hole she couldn’t even fit in the hole!

She thinks for a solid second before she shoved her hand in the hole. The world spun around her and she looked around to see high walls and echoing halls. She shined a light around to see claw marks lined the walls and rocks on the ground. 

She took a few steps forward before a loud thunderous sound echoed through the halls. She squeaked as she covered her ears. She stood there a few minutes as silence takes back over the halls. She took a deep breath before she put on her best mean face and continued. 

She stormed through the halls until she reached a large dark room with a faint orange light in the center. She pointed the light on the orange light to reveal the snout of a reptile. She moved the light over the reptile but stopped at the eyes. They stared directly at her. 

She shrieked and darted behind a pillar in the room. The monster growled and stuffed animals fell off of it as it stood up. She peered around the corner and looked back at the monster. It looked back at her as Charles Dangled from it’s mouth. 

She took a deep breath. She wasn’t going to be scared off not when so much hung on the line. She stepped out from behind the pillar and glared at the beast.

“Put down my friend!” She demanded in a shaky voice. 

The monster stared at her with blank eyes that shifted into sad ones. It gingerly set down the stuffed animal. It stepped back and watched Carly. She takes a step forward and the monster doesn’t move. She inched closer and closer, but it stayed were it was.

She reached down and picked up Charles. She pointed her flashlight at the pile of stuffed animals. It was a mountain of stuff animals that looked as big as Mount Everest. Of course Carly had only seen Everest in pictures, but the pile must have been close to its’ size. 

She spotted princess Fluff. “Princess Fluff!” She called as she raced to the pile only to be blocked by the creatures wings. 

She pushed at the wings. “That’s my friend! You stole her! Meanie!”

The monster let her push its’ wings aside. It followed her back to the pile. It whimpered as she picked up the stuffed dog with a crown on her head. She spotted Marcus and raced over to him. 


She continued to race around the pile taking back her friends. She carried as many in her arms as possible before swearing she would return for the rest. 

She turned to leave to be face to face with the monster. It poked its nose at the mountian of stuffed animals in her arms. She pulled them back. 

“No! They are my friends!”

The monster sat down and looked at the ground.

Carly frowned. She wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted her friends to be back with her, but the monster looked so sad. She shook her head as some words her mother spoke to her bounced around in her head.

She sat down and let the stuffed animals tumble onto her lap then to the floor. 

“Maybe we can share?” She suggested.

The monster perked up at her words.


Heya everyone! I hope you didn’t hate this short story and if you didn’t there is this cool little star button that you can click to show your non-hatred of this post! If you would like to see more stuff that you don’t hate feel free to follow my blog or if you did hate this then go find something you do like! If I may suggest someone, it’d be Markiplier! It’s actually his birthday today, that’s the only reason I bring him up also becuase he makes good content. That’s enough rambling for one day.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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