Sorry, I’m posting really late. This story is actually the first chapter from a book by Liberty. Go check out her blog! She’s such a fabulous writer!

Anyways, onto the story!


 I kept me eyes concentrated on each house, only getting a glimpse of every house; but that was all I needed before I figured that that wasn’t my house.

       I didn’t exactly remember where I lived, or what I lived in. I barely remembered my name, and I wasn’t quite sure about my age. I didn’t know when and where I was. The day, time, or anything like that. I was pretty sure my name was Vega, but that was all.

       I didn’t remember any of the houses, but somehow they all looked familiar. It was like somehow as soon as I saw the house, I would know it’s mine.

       However, none of the houses looked right. All of them were tall, thin, and boldly colored, but still none of them seemed – like the one.

       It was getting late, and I haven’t found a place to be.

        “Why can’t I remember anything?” I constantly asked myself. It’s like, I knew I was alive before this, but what was I doing? Where was I? Who was I?

       I had a  briefcase. I had been carrying it for a while. It was purple, just like my hair, with white stripes. I had no idea what was in it or what I was doing with it. I had been carrying it ever since I woke up. That was all. All I knew was to never let it go. I don’t know why, but I felt like it was to never leave my side.

       It wasn’t really heavy and it sounded a little like glass. It seemed to be really important, I just didn’t know why.

       I constantly glanced up at the purple and pink starry sky. It then was night.

       “Where is it?” I asked myself. “I know I live around here somewhere.” Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a forest. However I didn’t turn around, because I felt as though I was nowhere, I was on the right track.  

       Finally, I came across a little cottage.

       “Is this the one?” I whispered to myself. I invited myself in, hoping this really was the place. It all seemed familiar. The trees, the door, The chimney, it all felt right.

       The first room I walk in was a living room. It was a mess. Numbers of glass things were smashed on the ground. Cobwebs were everywhere. It looked as if the house hadn’t been lived in in years.

       Right before I walking into a kitchen, I noticed a photo on a dresser. It was of a little girl, and an older man.

       “Who are they?” I asked aloud. “Could that- be me? This girl looks a lot like me, but whose the other guy?”  

       “It must have been a while ago,” I told myself. I had short, cute, purple pigtails. The guy had a light brown skin tone just like mine, but his hair was black.  

       “It can’t – but- I don’t! Dad?” I wasn’t quite sure, but something about him was familiar. Something at that moment told me “dad”.

I didn’t remember him. I just felt we were related.

       “Well, if this is my Dad -” I stopped myself in mid-sentence, and continued to move to the kitchen stuffing the photo to the side with the briefcase, .

       Dishes were stacked up in the sink, the whole place was a mess, just like the living room, glass was smashed everywhere.

       “What happened here? Something awful.”

         Something drew me to the corner of the kitchen. There was a staircase; and I thought it might lead me to some rooms.

       The stairs were loud. Each step cracked and screeched louder and louder. Finally I was up the steps and away from the high pitch noises.

       The second floor wasn’t much. It only had four doors. The first one I saw was a bathroom. Clean, compared to the rest of the house. The second door that was on the other side of the first door was slightly cracked.

       I wanted to go inside. But something told me not to go in. like that room was forbidden. However I looked through the crack, and saw a bed. I thought it was my dad’s bedroom. Just like the kitchen and the living room, there were several smashed items everywhere. Also some other junk was there, but I couldn’t make any of it out.

       The next door, unfortunately,  was just a closet.

       The last door, it was at the end of the hall, was decorated with pink and purple stars, lots of glitter, and a sign that read “Vega”.

       “Must be my room,” I thought in my head.

       I moved the briefcase from my right hand to my left so I could open the door. The door opened with only a small nudge, because it was already open.

       I was expecting to find pink, purple and glitter all over the room, but unlike the door, the room was blank. Just a bed, some toys, and a dresser.

       It was almost like I didn’t own much. I looked around to see if there was anything other than a bed in this room, but, still, the room was empty.

       I moved towards the dresser to see if there was anything in there. The first thing I saw when I opened the top draw was a book, sitting on top of some clothes. It looked just like the door, pink, purple, and glittery. The front read “Vega” as well.

       “Well, at least I was right about my name,” I laughed. “Vega: age 7.” The first page read. “Age seven? Is that right? Am I seven? Which might be the right age, I don’t really know, I forgot how to count.”

       I cleared my throat then begun to read, “Dear Diary, sorry, I forgot you want me to call you Megan. Dear Megan: Umm… We just moved into a little cottage, on land, in the middle of the forest.

       I’ve been really sad lately, but every time I try to talk to my Dad about it he just shoes me away. He also does that whenever I mention Mommy. Yesterday I drew a picture of me, Mommy and him, but when I showed it to Daddy, he just ripped it up! I know He’s sad too, but-it seems he has changed the way he treats me. Hes changed.

       I’ve said before that Mommy and Daddy didn’t like each other very much a little before Mommy went away. That’s when he first treating me a little different, but not like he is now.  

       Also he keeps leaving without me to go somewhere. I have no idea when he goes and where he goes. He just leaves me here by myself. It’s a little scary.

I miss Mommy.


       I didn’t remember anything I wrote, but I begun to tear up as I finished reading. I Still really didn’t know what’s going on, but it still made me just a little sad.

       This was the first page, but I needed a bit more back story to understand this.

      “I had a Mom,” I smiled. “but what happened to her?”

      I begun to move to the next page, but before I could, a violent crashing noise shook the house jarring me from the book. I fell to the ground, leaving the book on the bed.

       “What was that?” I exclaimed.

        I moved towards the only window in the room to see an explosion in the sky.

       I quickly ran out of the room and out the house, forgetting about the book.

looked up and saw it. It was a star that blew up. I couldn’t believe it, a real live supernova.


Sorry Liberty that it’s so late at night when I’m posting this! I really need to get my schedule back on track.

Check out Liberty! And if you aren’t too busy loving all of her writing, then leave a like and follow me! I swear my 100 follower QnA is coming soon. I haven’t forgot about it!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Oh I love the picture you used!😍 I’m going to have to use it (even if they live on a star, so their in space, but that doesn’t matter.)
    Also I would love, love, love it if you did a guest post on my blog. Just, tell me if it would be possible.
    -Liberty ❤

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