100 Followers QnA!

I finally made it to a hundred followers which means I can post my QnA! Thanks to everyone who participated! Onto the questions! (And answers, but who cares about those.)

Q #1 (Libby Loo): Have you finished writing any novels? If not, are you in the middle of writing any?

I have not finished a novel. The only stories I’ve ever actually finished are short stories. 

I actually am in the middle of a novel… well… Not in the middle of the book. I’m writing the first few chapters at the moment. If you want to know more about it, just follow the link:

Q #2 (Libby Loo): What’s the one thing you love to doodle?

Oh, I doodle people’s faces a lot. Usually it’s whoever I’ve been drawing the most recently. Recently I’ve been drawing Markiplier a lot so I’ve also been doodling his face.

Q #3 (Libby Loo): Do you like dolls? Photography? Sewing?

I don’t like dolls. They terrify me. My great grandmother was really into collecting dolls though.

I like photography. It’d be cool to learn. My mom’s really into it. 

I love sewing! I haven’t really done any serious projects because I don’t know where to buy fabric from. I have also not done any sewing in years.

Q #4 (K.P. Sezo): Are you a Twenty One Pilots fan?

I’m hesitant to use the word fan. I love their music, but I haven’t listened to a lot of it. I couldn’t sing any of their songs by heart or anything like that so not necessarily a fan.

Q #5 (Gabrielle): What’s your favorite song?

I really like Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen. In more normal music terms, I like Midnight Thoughts by Set It Off. But my favorite songs change all the time.

Q #6 (Gabrielle): What’s your favorite memory?

Hmmmm, I’m bad with memories. I can never recall them when asked, but my brain as decided to work so I can answer this question. My favorite memory is when I, Ricky, and my sister all went to see Spiderman: Homecoming in theatres. I just really liked that memory because I’m a dork and really love Spiderman. Also, it was the first Marvel movie I saw with Ricky.

Q #7 (Gabrielle): What is your favorite book?

I don’t have a favorite book, but that answers boring so I’m going to take the time to ramble about a severely underrated book called Jack Blank. Technically it’s a trilogy. It’s about this kid who lives in this sort of stereotypical gloomy orphanage until he’s attacked by a robot zombie and whisked away to a magical land! It’s really a wonderful and crazy ride.

Q #8 (Gabrielle): Have you ever been in an eating competition, formal or informal?

Nope, but I’d probably win. I can eat really fast.

Okay, that was it! Can’t wait until the next time! If you found my answers a little bit amusing, feel free to leave a like! If you found me amusing, go ahead and follow me!

Have a wonderful day!


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