Mikie headed down the beach following the quiet song. It tugged at her heart so much that she had separated from her friends. 

A cave like hole sat so close to the water that waves would spill into it. She peeked into the hole to see no bottom. Yet no fear filled her when she stepped into the hole.

Jessie stared at the missing poster on the shops billboard. The bell hadn’t rung in hours as most people probably didn’t want ice cream at a moment. 

People had flooded the beach the past few days in search of some missing person, but now they had moved onto another part of the beach.

She drummed her fingers against the counter as a light tune fills the room. She walked out from behind the counter and then out the door.

Kate relaxed on her towel letting the sun tan her skin and kiss her hair. She turned the page of her book before the wind blew and ruffled it’s pages. Along with the wind, a tune floated by. 

She sat up and set down her book. The song had started loud and faded to a small whisper. She stood and walked down the beach. 

Jacky watched the bonfire as the voices around her jumbled together. She shook her head and brought herself back to reality. She turned on her heels. At first she was looking for an ice chest, but then a quiet tune distracted her. 

She pushed through the crowd and the light of the bonfire faded away. The moon shimmered above her as she headed down the beach.


Tasha dragged her surfboard towards the water. The sand burned her feet and the sun burned her face. Days like today she wouldn’t come down to the beach, but for some reason today was different for her. 

The waves brushed against her feet and she set her board in the water. She paused to listen to the tune in the wind. 

She let go of her board and headed down the beach. She walked for ten or so minutes before reaching a cave like hole in the ground. Waves would splashwater into it and it would take a minute to hear the water hit the ground.

She looked into the hole before stepping off the ledge into the great abyss. She crashed into the cold water at the bottom. Her legs stung and everything went black for a moment.

She gasped for air when she popped back above the surface. The water began to glow and the room lit up. The room was mostly water except for a large rock in a corner which held a man on it. He had pale olive skin and slits in his flesh on his neck and torso. Instead of legs he had a light pink tail that had a faint tint.

They’re eyes lock. Her icy blue ones with his hot pink ones. The tune echoed off the walls of the cave and she began to swim towards him. 

If she had been paying attention, then she might have noticed that the wall behind the rock was actually a cave. As she got closer, a glow started to come from the cave. 

She climbed onto the rock beside him. She sucked in air as she caught her breath. He flashed her a smile filled with sharp fangs before she was scooped into the mouth of the creature in the cave. Fangs dug into her as she shrieked.

The creature brought her over to a spot in the water that had started to glow. She could see gold coins and gems filled the bottom of the water. Three distinct glowing shapes began to appear before they surfaced to reveal that they were baby dragons.


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