She set the warm mug in his shaking hands as she sat down. He glances around looking over the pumpkins that were wrapped in lights and jack-o-lanterns that gave off their own light. 

“You did a lot of decorating since I left,” He whispers. A soft black wing slips behind his back acting like an arm over his shoulder.

“Well, I had to figure out a way to use my new free time,” She replies.

He glances at her looking into her eyes. The stars sparkle in her pitch black eyes as they suck him in. He leans closer and closer before his eyes snap away. He falls back splashing a bit of his tea onto his hands causing him to flinch. 

She frowns. “I scare you.”

He looks down into his tea. “Of course you scare me. You look like you going to drag me down to hell or appear in one of my nightmares.”

Tears drip down her face as she brushes her claws carefully against his face. “But you know me. I won’t hurt you unless…..”

He looks back to her his eyes landing on a patch of golden blood on her cheek that she had missed. “Unless?”

The room chills and the lights flicker. “You get in my way.”

He shrinks back and gently sets his mug on the ground. He shouldn’t have come back. He should have ran off and bled out on the floor somewhere. She had always been willing to do anything to get what she wants, but he didn’t really think that meant literally anything.

He stands up on shaky legs, but tries to stand as tall as possible. Pain throb in his side as he knew he was pushing his limits. “I should have never come back.” 

She grabs his hand. “You can’t leave. You won’t be safe! You can barely take care of yourself.” 

He tugs his hand away. “I am just fine! The only problem I have is you! Because of you, I set up this entire life only for it to have been built on lies! Now I’m trying to build myself back up and you are trying to drag me back!” Admitly, it felt good for him to finally blow up, but the adrenaline fades quickly and he finds himself sitting back on the couch. Emptiness wells in his chest as it tightens. Only shallow breaths seep in and out of his mouth.

Soft black wings wrap around him pull him closer. 

“I won’t lie to you anymore. Just stay here with me, please,” she whispers.


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2 thoughts on “Home?

  1. I loved it. It reminded me of a show I just finished watching called Red Rudy. It is a Brat original. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Brat, or red Rudy, but look up “Brat” on you tube and you can find it there.
    – Liberty ❤


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