Night Terrors

I sat on my couch browsing social media and listening to music through my speakers. Darkness surrounds me with the only light being from my computer. 

I reach over and pick up my hot coco and take a sip before my computer shuts off leaving me completely in the dark.

“What the…” I mumble as I click the mouse multiple times.

I take a sip of my drink as I hold the on button. The computer whirls and wheezes as it turns back causing me to smile. Success! My grin falls away as my computer screen glitches and, when I slide my finger across the mouse pad, the mouse refuses to move. 

“No, no, no, NO!” I tug at my hair in it’s messy man bun.

After my shoulder length hair becomes more of a mess, I start to slam my hands on the keyboard.


The glitching only worsens until the screen tears apart like wet paper. Thoughts swirl in my head most of them are curses as a pale hand reaches out. Words caught in my throat as it grabs hold of me. 

Latin chants broke through the lump in my throat as I edge closer and closer to the screen. My voice raises to peak and the hand lit up and a voice shrieked from inside the screen. It lets go of me and slides back into the laptop causing the machine to shut off again.

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed this spoopy story I put together! If you did, go ahead and click that like button and follow me for more short stories! Or ignore me and let me sink into the great abyss of the internet!

Have a wonderful day!


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