Sorry, I'm posting really late. This story is actually the first chapter from a book by Liberty. Go check out her blog! She's such a fabulous writer! Anyways, onto the story! -----------  I kept me eyes concentrated on each house, only getting a glimpse of every house; but that was all I needed before … Continue reading Nova


Character Interview: Evan Charleston

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest! Misha from Izzi Bella Misha Rose. She'll be taking over from here! ^^^^^^^^^ (Misha): (annoying intro music) Welcome, Evan Charleston! Let's get into the questions. (Evan): Okay. (Misha): How long have you been doing theater? (Evan): I started in middle grade, but I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly … Continue reading Character Interview: Evan Charleston

The Hidden Library: Turning Point (chapter four)

One deep breath after another that's all I have to do. One deep breath after another. What was that? Turning to see nothing but the endless shelves; my stomach sinks. One step after another; the pace quickens. I race past the bookshelves. Curses float around my head as I make sharp turns. Two to the … Continue reading The Hidden Library: Turning Point (chapter four)