The Bad Part of Town

Erin shifted his back pack as he walked down the street. A stray street light flickered on and off to light, but the main light came from the full moon. Graffiti lined the cracked wall and trash flooded the street. Wind whipped his dark brown hair to the right along with his light sweater. He … Continue reading The Bad Part of Town


My Camp NaNo Schedule!

Hello everyone! Today I decided to share my Camp NaNo schedule! I did this mostly to get into the camp spirit. Don't know what Camp NaNo is or what I'm doing for it? Follow this link to find out more: Thank you Kage of RLyis for this calendar and for the cover photo of … Continue reading My Camp NaNo Schedule!

Dragons in the city (Part 2 of A Long Work Day)

People race around scrambling for anywhere and sparking me to move. I go for the staircase and reach it along with four other people. The dragon doesn't move as the room erupts into panic. Wonder if anyone else in the building can tell what is latched onto our building. I follow everyone down the staircase. … Continue reading Dragons in the city (Part 2 of A Long Work Day)