Q&A with Friend

Hello everyone! Today I will be answering some questions with my wonderful friend Ricky from Ricky's Corner. Let's get on to the questions! _____ Question 1: can you tell the readers about yourself and your blog? (Ricky): Sure! I'm a fantasy short story blogger. I write whatever comes to mind when I sit down at … Continue reading Q&A with Friend


Character Interview: Evan Charleston

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest! Misha from Izzi Bella Misha Rose. She'll be taking over from here! ^^^^^^^^^ (Misha): (annoying intro music) Welcome, Evan Charleston! Let's get into the questions. (Evan): Okay. (Misha): How long have you been doing theater? (Evan): I started in middle grade, but I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly … Continue reading Character Interview: Evan Charleston