The Snowman

Kelly shivers as she pushes at the snow dragging it all into a big pile. She pats it down sculping it into a lumpy base. She scoops up snow into her arms and drops it on top of the base. After creating a pile of that, she pats that down into a lumpy ball. She continues this process one last time before going back inside.

She collects a carrot and an old baseball cap off the sofa. She steps back out into the cold stuffing the carrot into the snowman’s face. She sets the hat down at the base of it before running off to collect pebbles. She returns with a handful of them and sets them gently in the places of the eyes and created a little smile with them.

She surveys her work and sighs. She leans down and picks up the hat. She looks it over taking in the pale blue colors with faded letters that were too torn to read. A small lump forms in her throat as she sets it a top the snowman’s head. She looks up to the pale blue sky.

“Merry Christmas, dad.”


I return! Haven’t had much time to write, but I’m glad I can get one last in before Christmas!

If you enjoyed this story, please leave a like and follow for more content. Hopefully more frequent content as well.

Happy holidays all! Have a brilliant day.


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