Spiderman into the Spiderverse review (Spoilers)

I know this time of year everyone is doing their resolutions for 2019 and all that jazz. I never really do those though, so I decided to move forward with posting this! If you’re interested in hearing some goals of mine for this year, I could put something together. Anyways, onto the review! Hope you enjoy!


In my, un-degreed, opinion, this movie had wonderful animation! I loved the fresh style they went with. The only other time I can remember a show having a style like this is in Netflix’s The Dragon Prince. Although Spiderverse comes across as more polished. I love how they took inspiration from comic books even adding in the little word bubbles or little lines when someone gets hit. My only real complaint about the animation is sometimes the walking seemed a bit unnatural. That could have just been me and other than that I loved the animation! well, besides the few more particular problems below the spoiler line.

(Some spoiler time!)

This part will have a lot more negative in it. I really do love the art style but two scenes I really didn’t like. First one is when Miles starts experiencing the effects of the spider bite. There are so many shots in this scene that make me disorientate. It makes sense that they would do this to make the audience feel what he’s feeling but I still didn’t enjoy it so there. I know this doesn’t have to do with the animation, but I didn’t like hearing Miles thoughts in this scene either.

The second scene is the end scene. I liked this scene in writing but everything flying at me at once is too much. It made it too hard to watch the scene and really see something unless it was focusing on a characters face. My editor would like to say that she didn’t like these scenes either and the scenes were in here becuase it was available in 3D.

CHARACTERS (Some spoilers here friends.)

I loved almost every character in this movie! Note the word almost. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gwen but I really didn’t feel like I got a lot of time with her. Maybe if I had gotten more time I would have loved her but there is also the chance that I would have gotten annoyed with her. Besides her I loved all of them! I will fight someone if they try to hurt Miles. I also liked the Peter Parker of Miles’ world. I also like Peter Parker from the other world, who will be from now on marked Peter 2. I have to say Noir Spiderman was my favorite character! There are so many characters in this movie! Which I thought might drag it down especially with the short time the movie takes place in but I didn’t feel like it did. To name off a few more characters I liked would have to be Penny (and her robot of course), Aunt May, Uncle Aaron, and Mrs an Mr. Morales.

(One last spoiler warning for this segment! If you go farther without watching this movie it’s not my fault. No one could have saved you.)

Few negative things to start this off! Because let’s be honest, we all like to stare at the negative. I didn’t really care about the villains. Doc Ock seemed like the normal crazy scientist although I actually enjoyed her a lot more then Kingpin. Kingpin had a boring motivation. How many times have you heard of a villain doing things to try and bring back their family? Only four years ago Big Hero Six came out which the villain had the same motive. I actually think I liked that villain better than this one. I could also not like the villain as much because I had been watching Daredevil at the time and I really like Kingpin in it. I know they have to be different since they’re for different people seeing as Daredevil was a lot darker than this, but I think he could have been better in this. I haven’t mentioned Spider-ham. I didn’t mind him but I feel like he could have been left out. I enjoyed his scenes but I still think he should have been left out. Okay, enough about the negative for now. Something I really loved about the end scene was how Miles came to become Spiderman in that scene. When he started making jokes and talking while fighting it finally felt like Miles had become Spiderman. Now would be a good time to talk about Miles and his father’s relationship. This relationship had the ability to be a big cliché but I enjoyed it! Their interactions seemed like they actually cared for each other and as far as I remember Miles never screamed at his dad before storming out of his room. It was really nice seeing this play out on screen! I also enjoyed Miles and his uncles relationship. I can’t believe I didn’t see his uncle being a villain coming. I might have been focused more on the line where Miles is warned that Kingpin has everyone in his pocket. Yes, I might have thought his father was going to be a secret villain. I was a bit of an idiot there. My friends I went to the theater with said they knew he was a villain so it might have been really obvious. When his uncle died, I was a bit pulled out of the movie because I could only think it was another uncle dying. Also, props to them for having not one but two deaths in the movie! They did a great job of getting me attached to Peter Parker 1 in such a short time span.


First the synopsis for the not spoilery part.

Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.

I enjoyed the rather basic plot. I am always one more for characters than plot most of the times so I didn’t mind. Although I didn’t care for the fast pace and found myself enjoying the slower parts better. It’s not unbearably fast but it does take place in the span of day or two so it’s fast. I still enjoyed it none the less.

( *in a sing song voices* Spoilers ahead!)

Back to the fast pace. I felt while watching the movie that there were so many parts that had to go really fast. Take when Miles uncle dies, it went so fast and then things move so fast it’s hard for us to really pay attention to it until later on when Miles is tied to a chair and his father comes to talk about him. I really loved the scene when the uncle was revealed but the time between that and his death are so close together that it was hard to feel the gravity of it since it moved so quickly.

I don’t have much else to say about the plot. It’s rather a basic plot and I have only one complaint about it.


I would suggest this movie highly! This movie was a lot of fun and you’ll definitely love it if you like movies that focus more on characters. you have to stay for the end credit scene! It was too hilarious.

Next week I can’t wait to update my short stories! I am going to start doing some rewrites for the new season of Doctor Who once it comes out on Amazon Prime.

Hope you all are looking forward to the new stuff! Leave a like if you are happy my fabulous editor has returned! Leave a comment if you saw the movie and your thoughts on it or leave a comment if you have any feed back or suggestions!


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