Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt

So, I’m stupid and kept putting things off……. So no Endgame review today. Don’t worry I’ll be trying to get that done this week. Hopefully.

Anyways! My Camp NaNoWrimo is the exact same one from April. Just go check this little writing out and it will tell you what Camp NaNo even is. Stuff you should click.

Now that you know what this is about onto the short little snippet of the story! Enjoy!


I laugh as I slam my locker shut. “Oh, shut up Tara.”

She giggled, brushing her red hair out of her face. “It’s really what he said.”

“Is not!”

“I heard it with my own ears.”

“You made that up.”

We get into a laughing match when we reach the gym doors. Tara pushes open one of the doors and the sound of squeaking shoes flood the room.

“We might be a tad bit late,” I snort.

Tara nods with a grin.

We walked in and started practice passing the ball back to each other. It was rather dark inside the gym due to the clouds outside.

After a while, we switch between exercising and serving.

“So,” Tara states as we sit against the wall, as if in an invisible cell. “How’s Evan doing?”

I roll my eyes. Tara wasn’t very smooth. “Evan’s just fine,” I pause to smirk at her. “He’s probably at practice right now.”

She nods. “You think-”

“If you can get the guts to ask I’m not stopping you.”

She sighs. “Maybe you could talk me up to him,” She asked.

“No way,” I say shaking my head.

“Come on. Please?” She begs.

“I won’t do that to my best friend,” I reply.

She slumps. “Fine,” She mutters before we switch out to serve.

I throw the ball in the air and right as I leap at the ball, my phone blares out music. I hit the ball but it didn’t go very far. It lands in the net as I stormed over to my phone.  Pulling it out, I roll my eyes. What does Evan even want?

I reject the call and mute my phone.

“Next time make sure your phone is muted, Mitchell.” Coach shouts.

“Ye, ye.” I mumble before getting back into line.

A few minutes later the coach claps her hands.  “Let’s break!”

I slip down by my bag and pull out my phone.  

Why would he call me? He never calls me. I shake my head. Probably a butt dial, but I’ll call just in case. As I go to find his number, the gym doors slam into the walls.

“Hey! Be-” I stop as I stare at Evan. Blood drips from his hoodie and hair. “Evan,” I gasp. He grips his arm and stumbles over to me. I hear my teammates shriek and my coach demands someone call for help while she races out to get the nurse.

“He’s dead,” He mutters as he falls next to me. Blood drips onto the ground and my bag.


He doesn’t look at me and stares blankly at my bag.


Well, that’s it! This is all first draft material, so I am completely aware that it’s sort of the worst. Hope you enjoyed it though!

Thanks to my wonderful editor for editing!

Please leave a like if you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions. I almost have a hundred followers so I might do a Q&A if people are interested in it! Feel free to follow me if you don’t completely hate me!

Have a fabulous day!


2 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt

  1. I was just reading you know like “Oh this seems interesting,” then all the sudden I read blood, and I was like “What?” And then I read dead, and I was like “Wait,” then it was over and I was like “NOOOOOOO!”
    Are you going to share more about this.
    (BTW did you see the Sneak-Peak I just posted, from one of my novels.)

    Liked by 1 person

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