December Drawings #11

My first fanart of the month! I’ve been watching daredevil a lot and it’s really good! I could go on and on about just the colors of the show! Would anyone be interested in a review? Because now it sounds like so much fun! 

I got a lot of inspiration for this Matt from tinymintywolf! She’s actually the best guys!

Leave some suggestions for who to draw next in the comments! Also any questions or feedback. In rather more boring news, I’m trying to get together an about page so I hope someone’s interested in seeing that. 


6 thoughts on “December Drawings #11

      1. I don’t often read reviews, but if it’s something I know then I will read it (I don’t watch any shows besides Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Trek). I would say it would be interesting! I tend to like fan commentaries more than actual reviews though. Like if you went through a season of Star Trek and broke down each episode and said what you thought of it.

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