The Hidden Library: Beyond the Abyss (chapter 2)

The stairs seem to draw me down into the black abyss making it impossible for me to remove my eyes. “How?” something pokes into the side of my arm. I peel my eyes off the stairs to look down at the object poking me. It was a bronze key that seems worn by time. “Tell him I sent you down.” I reach for the key nodding as I do. She hands me the key. I look back to the door and take another deep breath. I take a few steps towards the door; I look back to the librarian. she went to help someone check-out a book. I turn back to the door and stick the key into the lock and twist it. Click. The door creaks open enough to create a crack and I push it all the way open I take a few steps inside; Clank. I turn to look back at the door. It has closed. I take in another breath before continuing down the stairs. Step after step I get farther away from the library light; I run my fingers along the wall as I walk down the stairs. Up ahead, a light appears. I look behind me to see nothing but black; I look forward to continuing my journey towards the light. Every step I take couldn’t be louder. Squeak. Squeak. The one day I chose to get new sneakers. I stop at the door and run my fingers along another door with bars. When my fingers touch the door, it creaks open. I look through the bars and the door to see a never-ending library. I push through the door to get a better look.

The wooden shelves store millions of books; the shelves reach up as high as the building they are under. I walk into the library letting my finger run along the shelves and their contents. A lot of these books don’t have titles. The shelves open up to a clearing. In the center of the clearing, a table lays with papers and maps strewn across it. Only three chairs sat around the rather large table. I run my fingers over the table and its clutter. “Don’t touch that!” I suck in a deep breath. I can’t move a single muscle. Who was that? Thinking back on it the librarian did mention someone else. “The librarian upstairs sent me.” What am I saying? “was it Martha?” I try to think of her name but her name tag is a blur. “The one that’s short and is grumpy.” Okay, it’s not the best description, but I’m trying my best. I finally turn to look at this person. He was a tall pale boy about my age, but taller than me; his hair is dark brown which matches his light brown eyes. He was wearing tan shorts and a sweater. May I also mention he has a dark brown cloak resting on his shoulders. “Martha has no power here. leave,” The strange boy sneers. How dare he! “I’m not going anywhere.”


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5 thoughts on “The Hidden Library: Beyond the Abyss (chapter 2)

  1. Not meaning to be a grammar maxi, but there are some typos you might want to fix. One near the beginning and another closer to the middle are two that I noticed.


  2. These stories are really compelling. I’m enjoying reading them. I take Beyond the Abyss and The Forgotten Door are sequels/continuation of The Books? If so, if I could make a suggestion? Have the Part/Sequel number in the title. It would make it easier to follow the narrative.

    Maybe it’s just me being a bit thick, but I went from reading The Books to The Forgotten Door, and feeling like I’ve missed something, I’ve come back to read this one.


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